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Sewage suction truck newes

Introduction to the configuration of Sinotruk Homan 12m3 sewer jet truck

In the automotive industry, new products always attract more people’s attention, even in special vehicles. Sanitation vehicles are an important part of special vehicles and play a key role in environmental sanitation construction. When most people buy sanitation vehicles, the first choice is the brand; Well-known sanitation truck brands include Dongfeng, Sinotruk, Jiefang, Foton, etc. […]

SHACMAN Xuande single axle 14m3 sewer jetter truck configuration introduction

In recent years, with the development of the economy, people’s requirements for the living environment are increasing, and the sanitation models play a key role in improving the living environment; Sewer jetter truck is a kind of sanitation model, which is a wide range of sanitation models such as suction, cleaning, and dredging, and is […]

Foton 12M3 sewage vacuum truck Performance evaluation

Today, let’s learn one of them – Foton 12m3 sewage vacuum truck This car is 7.45 meters long, 2.45 meters wide, 3.35 meters high, with a total mass of 8.255 tons, and the Futian ROWOR ES5 series chassis is adopted. Equipped with a 160 horsepower engine, a straight four-cylinder machine, cold in charge, the maximum […]

The smallest jet vac truck for sale

Sewage cleaning truck is an important part of sanitation models, with multiple functions such as dredging, cleaning, and sewage suction, and is mostly used for municipal sanitation, factory sewage treatment, etc.; In terms of volume, there are many options for cleaning sewage suction trucks, ranging from 2 squares to more than 20 squares. Generally, large-scale […]

DFAC 10cbm sewage cleaning truck configuration analysis

Speaking of DFAC 10cbm sewage cleaning truck, it also has the function of dredging and cleaning blocked sewers, and it is an important vehicle type in environmental sanitation. Today, the editor will introduce one of the DFAC 10cbm sewage cleaning trucks. Dongfeng has many special models, especially in terms of sanitation models. Most of the […]

Shacman 33cbm combined vacuum suction and sewer jetting truck

Shacman 33cbm combined vacuum suction and sewer jetting truck Chassis configuration: Shaanxi Automobile Delong front four rear eight chassis, WP12.460E62 Euro VI engine, wheelbase 1800+4575+1400, M3000 cab, 12.00R20 tires, electric glass lifter, airbag damping driver seat, belt Original air conditioner, ABS, driving recorder, electric window shaker. Shacman 33cbm combined vacuum suction and sewer jetting truck […]

The main performance and product characteristics of Dongfeng Capte K7 cleaning sewage suction truck

l Chassis: Dongfeng Dolica, 3800mm, total mass 11995KG; l Tank volume: clean water: 2.7 cubic meters, sewage: 7 cubic meters; Q235 high-quality board, clear water tank thickness: 4mm, sewage tank thickness 6mm. l High-pressure pump: large-flow high-pressure pump (Pinfu, Shuangyao, Tongjie or high-pressure pump imported from Italy) can dredge municipal pipe network within 800-1000mm; l […]

Detailed configuration of Dongfeng KinRun 10 ton Fuel oil tanker truck

Among small and medium-sized fuel oil tanker trucks, carbon steel tankers are often seen. Aluminum alloy tank bodies have become a trend in lightweight design. Why there is still such a large demand for carbon steel tankers? The main reason is cost. Take the Dongfeng Tianjin 10-ton oil tanker as an example. The aluminum alloy […]

The king of pipeline dredging–6×4 Dongfeng Kinland sewage suction truck

The Dongfeng Tianlonghou eight-wheel cleaning and suction sewage truck produced by Hubei Chengli Group is named by many people as the sewer, septic tank, and river channel, the king of dredging. The sewage suction truck of Hubei Chengli Group is suitable for urban sewers, rain wells, sedimentation wells, ditches, large-scale municipal engineering dredging and cleaning […]

Isuzu brand 8m3 sewer vacuum sewage suction truck Specification configuration

Isuzu brand 8m3 sewer vacuum sewage suction truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects, transfers, cleans, and transports sludge, sewage, and avoids secondary pollution. The sewage suction truck can self-absorb and discharge. It has fast working speed, large capacity and convenient transportation. It is suitable for collecting and transporting feces, mud, Liquid […]

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