customer service

After-sales &Warranty

Warrant special vehicles and equipment we supplied are manufactured with mature technology, nice workshop, under strict quality control .

Shipping Service

We treat Shipping Service as one of the most significant segment in our service chain. From trucks get finished in the plant and being carefully tested by engineers,till the truck delivery to our customer. During this period, we will provide the shipping service to not only just satisfy but also surpass the extensions of our customers.

★Technical Supports

For our supplied products, you can forever enjoy technical supports whatever by phone call or email. We will respond aggressively to provide a prompt solution.

Training Service

When trucks production are finished, customers are welcome to have a visit in our factory. Not only for inspecting the trucks, but also for training.The staff training include teaching customers how to use and maintenance the truck, also some common troubleshooting.


★Training Procedure

1.Warmly welcome you to have a visit on our factory;

2.Prepare the English version Manual Instruction before inspection;

3.Engineers operating the truck and demonstration to you;

4.If any question, please do not hesitate to ask our engineers and skilled workers;

5.You can operate the truck by yourself under the guidance of our engineers and skilled workers;

6.Teaching, learning and practicing, until you totally know how to use the truck;

Congratulations, you are a skilled operator !

★Onsite Training 

We can assign our engineer to stay at destination countries for onsite training if this term is included in the contract agreed. Training will be given to the Buyer’s engineers and operators in Chinese during the installation and commission period. The Buyer is responsible for employing on-spot interpreter.

★Factory Training 
Customer can appoint workers to our factory, we will provide operation training and notice for use.In order to understand the performance, parts, operation and maintenance of our trucks ,also to utilize and maintain trucks properly, thereby ensuring that Chengli trucks are always in good working condition and operate with the highest working efficiency, we always have engineers and skilled workers to training our customers, also the matched English version Manual Instruction will help customers better to know how to operate trucks.

★Training Scope

— Equipment Operation
— Parameter Setting
— Parameter Optimizing
— Software Application
— Failure Diagnosis
— Equipment Maintenance

Online training service