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Sino SITRAK 32cbm Aluminum Alloy Oil Tanker Body Instructions

Compared with carbon steel tanker, aluminum alloy tanker has more advantages in transportation efficiency, which is why users choose it, and aluminum alloy tanker has a more beautiful appearance and higher recycling value; In terms of tank volume, oil trucks tend to be generous, which is different from refueling trucks. Today, I will introduce a […]

Why does JAC 12m3 diesel tanker win the market?

Everyone who knows diesel tanker knows that it mainly transports liquid food, waste oil, additives, lubricating oil, water, diesel, gasoline and other liquids; Today we will take a look at the JAC 12m3 diesel tanker! This car uses the JAC Junling V7 single-row 2071 wide cab. The standard equipment includes central control lock, electric doors […]

What are the advantages of 4×2 JAC DAWOS 18m3 refueler truck?

In the refueler truck, the single-axle chassis can generally achieve about 16m3. Now the JAC DAWOS V9 chassis can achieve a maximum of 18m3. Let’s take a look at the specific situation! This car uses the JAC DAWOS V9 row semi-cab. The appearance is not much different from that of the V7. It belongs to […]

How much is the Euro VI Dongfeng 10m3 refueling truck?

A refueling truck is a special vehicle for transporting oil products. The refueling machine equipped on the vehicle can refuel vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, etc., and plays an important role in the process of economic development; Its appearance is similar to that of an oil truck, both of which have a tank structure. According […]

How to effectively prevent fire and explosion of fuel oil tanker truck?

Fuel oil tanker truck catches fire or explodes. I hear such news several times a year. Every time I hear these news, it makes people feel creepy. Because the fuel oil tanker truck catches fire and explodes with great power, it seriously endangers citizens’ personal safety and citizens’ property safety. So how should we prevent […]

Isuzu 10000L Helicopter Aircraft Refueling Truck specification

Isuzu 10000liters aircraft refueling truck is equipped with a 190 horsepower Euro 5 engine, and the tank body is made of 4MM stainless steel plate. With European standard tank port, static conductive wire reel, special oil pump anti-overflow probe and socket, submarine valve, float level gauge, pump tachometer, pump inlet vacuum gauge (takeover), pump outlet […]

Is aluminum alloy fuel tanker worth buying?

As a special special purpose vehicle of dangerous goods, the safety of oil tanker has always been the focus of national regulatory agencies, dangerous goods transportation companies and tanker owners, so as the core component of the tanker, the tanker body The choice of material has always been a problem for dangerous goods transportation companies […]

Strategy for buying high quality fuel tank trucks

Fuel tank trucks are highly dangerous and have a high attendance rate, so the quality of the tank truck is particularly important when the owner buys the tank truck.  However, there are many different tank trucks on the market, and there are so many brands that it is difficult for many car owners to choose. And […]

Common faults and solutions of on-board fuel dispensers

Users will inevitably encounter various faults in the process of using the tanker. Generally, there are two common ones. One is that the vehicle-mounted tanker does not output or the oil is slow after being turned on, and the other is that the vehicle-mounted tanker does not refuel after being turned on. I started counting, […]

How to lighten the fuel tank truck? Aluminum alloy material is the first choice.

As countries have tightened their enforcement of overloading, fuel tank trucks belong to the category of dangerous goods transport vehicles, and overloading is not allowed. Many car owners complained: Pulling less can not make money, pulling more is illegal and overloading, and fines and detaining vehicles are even more unbearable. How should car owners solve […]

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