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Shacman XuanDe 8 Ton Intelligent Asphalt Distributor truck

Shacman XuanDe 8 Ton Intelligent Asphalt Distributor truck Chassis configuration: Yunnei 184 horsepower engine, half-row cab, Shaanxi Gear 8-speed gearbox, 900 steel wire tires, electric glass, air conditioning. Shacman XuanDe 8 Ton Intelligent Asphalt Distributor truck Upper part: High viscosity asphalt pump QGB680. Imported hydraulic proportional valve. Risheng brand radiator. Anhui Changyuan Gear Oil Pump. […]

What are the methods to solve the uneven spraying of asphalt distributor trucks?

The uneven distribution of the asphalt distributor trucks is a problem we often encounter in the process of using the asphalt distributor. For this reason, our company specially publishes the cause and solution of this problem as follows, so as to facilitate car buyers to encounter Such problems can be solved in time to relieve […]

4 ton to 12 ton Smart asphalt spreader truck for sale

  The range of models and specifications of the intelligent asphalt spreader truck is relatively large. The smallest asphalt spreader truck has a volume of only 4 cubic meters and the largest asphalt spreader has a volume of 16 cubic meters. This article lists the commonly used asphalt sprayer models and specifications.     Model one: […]

Intelligent asphalt spreader truck and ordinary asphalt spreader truck difference

   Asphalt spreader trucks are divided into intelligent asphalt spreading trucks and ordinary asphalt spreading trucks. Because of their different configurations, the price difference is also very large, so you don’t know what the difference is when purchasing, this article will introduce to you The difference in configuration between the two. 1. Different control methods […]

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