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Dongfeng Dolica series of wrecker trucks to meet your various needs

Dongfeng Motor’s popularity in the automobile market is still relatively high. Whether it is a freight vehicle or a special-purpose vehicle, the market share is relatively good. Dongfeng Motor has many series, such as Dorica series, commercial vehicle series, special bottom series, Huashan series, etc.; Among them, the Dolica series are mainly light and medium […]

A collection of six best-selling Chinese brand small flat car wrecker

Wrecker trucks are widely used in practical applications. With the development of transportation hubs, this special-purpose vehicle will become more and more popular. In terms of structure, there are roughly three types of pickup trucks with one towing one, towing and hoisting combined, and one towing two flatbed trucks. Among them, the flat-panel small flat […]

Sinotruk Howo 30ton rotator tow truck for sale

Among special-purpose vehicle brands, Sinotruk Howo has always been more popular, whether it is sanitation vehicles, engineering vehicles, or special vehicles, they are commendable; Today, let’s take a look at HOWO’s wreckers. The wreckers are special types of vehicles, which are mainly used to clean up illegal parking and accident vehicles, and can also participate […]

Dayun brand small car recovery truck configuration analysis

Among the special vehicles, the wrecker is a special operation vehicle, which is mainly used to clean up accidents, faults, and illegal vehicles. It can participate in rescue at critical moments. It is a relatively common vehicle in our lives. In recent years, affected by many factors, the sales of special vehicles have grown relatively […]

What are the highlights of the WAW small recovery truck configuration?

Among the special-purpose vehicles, wreckers belong to a relatively large number of brands. In the 346 batches of car announcements, there are a total of 124 wreckers, of which 118 are wreckers with two-axle structures, five with three-axle structures, and five. The shaft structure is one type; It can be seen that the two-axle structure […]

Analysis of Dongfeng Liuzhou Chenglong M3 Tow Truck with crane

Among special-purpose vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles are always popular. Special-purpose vehicles with more uses include truck cranes, wreckers, mobile service vehicles, stage vehicles, etc.; Today, let’s take a look at the wreckers among them. The reason why wreckers are more versatile is mainly that they have more top-mounted structures; Especially for wreckers with a flat structure, […]

Shacman Xuande X9 flatbed wrecker truck configuration analysis

Small wreckers are one of the more popular types in the special-purpose vehicle market, with two structural forms: one-to-two flatbed and tow-lift combination; Among them, the one-to-two flat panel structure is very popular among users, and there are many choices of brands; For example, Dongfeng Dolica series, JAC Junling series, Howo Titans, Shaanxi Automobile Xuande […]

4×4 JMC Pickup Truck Wrecker

4×4 JMC pickup truck wrecker uses Ford engine: JX4D20A6L, power/horsepower: 104(kw)/141.44(ps) 2.0T displacement, torque 356N.M. Turbocharged diesel engine, time-sharing high and low speed four-wheel drive, one-button start, leather seats, multi-function steering wheel, original reversing image, aluminum alloy wheels with thick cross-country tubeless tires, four-wheel disc brakes, rear window guards, electric Reversing mirror, auto-sensing headlights, auto-sensing […]

Foton Aumark 4 ton full landed type flat tow truck

Foton Aumark 4 ton full landed type flat tow truck Chassis configuration: Euro 6 Foton Omarco, Cummins 156 horsepower, 3800 wheelbase, 6-speed gearbox, 6-ton rear axle, 7.50R16 steel wire tires, dynamic rotation, air brake, air conditioning, electric glass, cruise, central control lock, Remote control key, ABS, brake self-adjusting arm, adjustable headlight. Top configuration: full floor […]

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