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4×4 JMC Pickup Truck Wrecker

4×4 JMC pickup truck wrecker uses Ford engine: JX4D20A6L, power/horsepower: 104(kw)/141.44(ps) 2.0T displacement, torque 356N.M. Turbocharged diesel engine, time-sharing high and low speed four-wheel drive, one-button start, leather seats, multi-function steering wheel, original reversing image, aluminum alloy wheels with thick cross-country tubeless tires, four-wheel disc brakes, rear window guards, electric Reversing mirror, auto-sensing headlights, auto-sensing […]

Foton Aumark 4 ton full landed type flat tow truck

Foton Aumark 4 ton full landed type flat tow truck Chassis configuration: Euro 6 Foton Omarco, Cummins 156 horsepower, 3800 wheelbase, 6-speed gearbox, 6-ton rear axle, 7.50R16 steel wire tires, dynamic rotation, air brake, air conditioning, electric glass, cruise, central control lock, Remote control key, ABS, brake self-adjusting arm, adjustable headlight. Top configuration: full floor […]

4WD SAIC Maxus Pickup Truck Wrecker

SAIC MAXUS 4WD pickup truck wrecker chassis configuration: Engine: fuel type/displacement diesel/2.0T power 120 maximum torque 375N·M Transmission: transmission type 6MT/6AT Suspension system: suspension type (front/rear), double-wishbone spiral independent suspension/full gradient leaf spring non-independent suspension, Safety configuration: ABS+EBD, driver’s airbag, driver’s seat belt is not reminded, three-point seat belts, four-wheel disc brakes, hydraulic power steering […]

HOWO 8 ton flatbed wrecker tow truck with XCMG crane

Euro VI HOWO 8 ton flatbed wrecker tow truck with XCMG crane, equipped with XCMG 8 tons 4-section boom crane, using Howo 2250mm wide body cab, equipped with Weichai 220 horsepower super power, Howo 8-speed gearbox, 4.5 tons front Bridge, 10 ton rear axle, 250 double-layer girder, wheelbase: 5600mm. HOWO 8 ton flatbed wrecker tow […]

How to improve the efficiency of the wrecker during the rescue

ONE. Coordination of command and dispatch system The biggest characteristic of road traffic accidents and vehicle breakdowns is “suddenness”, which requires timely processing time. Therefore, the rapid response of the dispatching system of the command “central” is essential.  A rescue company or a regional emergency response system often has an information platform to collect relevant […]

Classification and use of wrecker tow trucks

With the rapid development of society and economy, the traffic is becoming more and more developed, and the number of cars is increasing year by year. It is inevitable that people will encounter traffic accidents or vehicle breakdowns when traveling. At this time, wrecker tow trucks come in handy. The wrecker is a special purpose […]

How much is the Dongfeng 3 ton flatbed tow truck?

Everyone must be familiar with Dongfeng, mass-produced chassis, most of the models, sales have been leading for many years, Dongfeng Dolica wrecker, the new cab is more spacious than the old one, simple appearance, rich configuration, the engine is generally selected Chaochai 95 horsepower, let’s take a look at this car with the editor! Dongfeng […]

JAC wrecker tow truck for sale

 Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd. is an “integrated automobile enterprise group that combines advanced energy-saving vehicles and new energy vehicles”, which integrates research, production, sales and service of a full range of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and powertrains. , Medium and light trucks. JAC light trucks are the core business of JAC’s commercial vehicles and […]

4 ton Fully floor mounted wrecker tow truck for sale

 The full-floor mounted wrecker tow truck is a wrecker with the floor completely on the floor. Even if the upper plate of the high-end sports car with lower front suspension and lower rear suspension is easy and no collision occurs, it will protect the rescued vehicles more effectively.  The angle between the front surface of […]

Foton Aumark series flat wrecker tow truck price

Foton Aumark is a high-end medium and light truck developed by world-famous car manufacturers such as Daimler, Cummins, ZF, Lotus, etc., based on the “China-Europe Automobile Chain Combination”, which integrates global smart resources.       In order to meet the special requirements for the chassis of the wrecker, our company has established a cooperative […]

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