Dongfeng Duolica 12000L water sprinkler truck configuration and use essentials

Dongfeng Duolica 12000L water sprinkler truck top-mounted configuration: the tank is made of 4mm-thick WISCO high-quality carbon steel plate, with a volume of 12 cubic meters, front flushing (spraying) and rear sprinkling, with side spray, with a working platform at the back of the tank, and installation on the platform Green sprinkler cannons. Dongfeng Duolica 12000L water sprinkler truck can be rotated in all directions, can be continuously adjusted to direct, heavy rain, light rain, drizzle, with safety guardrail, equipped with Hangzhou Weilong high-power special sprinkler pump, the pump can be self-priming and self-draining, install a filter, with a fire interface, Water can be fed through a fire hydrant, with a self-flow valve, and an optional 20-meter greening reel with the car, which can be

Dongfeng Kinrun brand 22m Cherry picker

Dongfeng Kinrun brand 22m Cherry picker, using high-end Dongfeng Tianjin suspension cab, 4700mm wheelbase, fuel-efficient Pioneer Cummins 190 horsepower super-powered 6-cylinder engine, 8-speed gearbox, air brake, 900 steel tires, is your best selected! Chengliwei brand CLW5110JGKD5 Cherry picker, dimensions (mm): 101002500×3800 Total mass: (kg) 11050 Curb weight: (kg) 10855 Product advantages of Dongfeng Kinrun brand 22m Cherry picker: Double-lift hydraulic cylinders, four hydraulic cylinders up and down, conventional aerial work vehicles only have two lifting cylinders, double-lift hydraulic cylinders do not shake or shake during the lifting and rotating process, which is more stable and safer it is good. Dongfeng Kinrun brand 22m Cherry picker adopts domestic and imported reversing valve and hydraulic cylinder, reversing balance, flexible and convenient operation, outrigger and working arm are

12m3 Bulk Feed Transport Truck Specification picture

Dongfeng Duolika 12m3 Bulk Feed Transport Truck is composed of a chassis, loading feed tank, discharging auger system and electro-hydraulic operating system. The tank body of the feed truck is welded and formed by high-quality steel plates, and the sub-silo can load and unload a variety of different feeds at the same time. It is mainly used in various feed factories, large-scale breeding plants and other granular feeds. It can also be used to transport certain non-corrosive granules. Raw materials, etc. Dongfeng Dolica 2030 wide single-row body, Chaochai 120 horsepower engine, six-speed gearbox, direction assisted, ABS, 8.25R20 steel wire tires, 5.5 tons rear axle, air brake, tank size: 4650×2200×1920(mm ). Effective volume is 12 cubic meters, can hold 6-8 tons, standard 3 warehouses, electric screw

cheaper Foton 3000L water bowser truck

Foton 3 ton water bowser truck, small card star 1580 body, 5T20-5 gear transmission, 6.00R15 tires, 121/2.5T rear axle, ABS, power steering, TBOX, with heating without cooling, oil brake. The 4mm high-quality carbon steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is used for one-step rolling and forming, which is completely seamless. The tank body is equipped with multiple anti-wave partitions, and high-pressure gas leak testing is used to make the tank body have high strength, stable center of gravity, and safe and stable vehicle transportation. Foton 3 ton water bowser truck tank body and bumper are pasted with red and white reflective strips, the two sides of the tank body are sprayed with the words “sprinkler” (the words can be sprayed according to

China Jinbei brand petrol mini refrigerator truck specifications

One. China Jinbei brand petrol mini refrigerator truck Basic configuration: Jinbei T30 small refrigerated truck; the internal dimensions of the car body are: 28501580X1600 (mm), the volume is 7.2 cubic meters; it is equipped with Shenyang Xinguang Brilliance’s 82-horsepower national five gasoline engine / power is 60Kw / displacement is 1.3L; 5 manual Gearbox; oil brake (front disc and rear drum brake); Two, with electric glass; with original electronic steering assist; tire number 175/70R14C; tire number 4+1 spare tire; with fog lamp; wheelbase 3050mm; total mass 2220kg/rated load mass 540kg/ curb weight 1550kg. Three. China Jinbei brand petrol mini refrigerator truck body configuration: Our company’s “Jinglong Technology” technology is manufactured by a 1200-ton hydraulic heating and curing equipment integrated production line, and the car body insulation

Introduction to the configuration of IVECO Yuejin gasoline small 1 ton refrigerated truck

One. IVECO Yuejin gasoline small 1 ton refrigerated truck Chassis configuration: Yuejin Xiaofuxingguo Five small refrigerated truck; internal dimensions of the car body: 32601550X1650 (mm) car body volume 8.3 cubic meters; Two:This model has 2 engines to choose from: Diesel engine-equipped with Kunming Yunnei Euro 5 95 horsepower engine / power of 70Kw / displacement of 2.0L; Gasoline engine-equipped with Liuzhou Wuling 87 horsepower engine / power of 64Kw / displacement of 1.3L; gearbox-5 speed gearbox; 2 tons rear axle; wheelbase 2650mm; power steering; oil brake (front disc and rear drum ); Manual glass doors and windows; 185R14L steel wire tires; fog lamps; total mass 3495kg; rated load mass 1245kg; curb weight 2120kg. Three. IVECO Yuejin gasoline small 1 ton refrigerated truck body configuration: Our

The price of various brand trucks with SANY Palfinger 12 ton truck crane

Among all the tonnages of Sany Palfinger cranes, which tonnage is the most practical and cost-effective, it is definitely 12 tons. There are currently two models of SANY 12-ton truck-mounted crane: four-section boom and five-section boom. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the latest price picture information of the 12-ton SANY truck-mounted crane for the reference of the majority of cranes. The latest offer of SANY Palfinger truck mounted crane 12 tons Sany truck-mounted crane has a 12-ton four-section boom, model SPS30000B, with a boom length of 14.8 meters. The latest market price is ¥396,000 to ¥458,000. 80% of users choose four-section boom cranes, which are economical and practical. Sany truck-mounted crane has a 12-ton five-section boom, model SPS30000C, and a

Lifting parameters of Sany Palfinger 3 ton truck mounted crane

Sany 3.2 ton truck mounted crane Number of boom sections Section Three-section basic arm Four basic arm Maximum lifting mass kg 3200 3200 The farthest lifting weight kg 840 550 Maximum lifting moment tm 8 8 Hydraulic system flow L/min 35 35 Rotation angle . 360 360 Range of luffing angle . 0-75 0-75 Lifting height m 9.8 12.5 Basic arm length m 3.4 3.5 Full arm length m 8.0 10.4 Crane weight kg 1200 1300 Outrigger span mm 2010-4400 2010-4400 Parameters of Sany Palfinger 3 ton truck-mounted crane The Sany Palfinger 3 ton truck mounted crane is divided into three-section boom or four-section boom. The three-section boom has a working radius of 8 meters and a lifting height of 9.8 meters. The maximum lifting

Daily maintenance strategy for core components of road sweeper truck

The maintenance service manual mainly includes the maintenance of road sweeper truck, vacuum cleaner auxiliary engine, fan, suction cup, sweeper system, water circuit, air circuit and circuit system. The maintenance of the vehicle pays attention to “seven maintenance and three maintenance”, that is, the vehicle should be checked and maintained regularly during the whole life of the vehicle. Early detection and early resolution of problems can achieve the goal of repairing on behalf of repairs, and even not repairing them for life. One. Road sweeper truck auxiliary engine 1. The water temperature of the auxiliary engine water tank must not exceed 90 degrees Celsius. When the water temperature is too high, it needs to be shut down immediately. Check whether the oil and antifreeze are

Detailed configuration of Dongfeng KinRun 10 ton Fuel oil tanker truck

Among small and medium-sized fuel oil tanker trucks, carbon steel tankers are often seen. Aluminum alloy tank bodies have become a trend in lightweight design. Why there is still such a large demand for carbon steel tankers? The main reason is cost. Take the Dongfeng Tianjin 10-ton oil tanker as an example. The aluminum alloy tank is about 40,000 yuan more expensive than the carbon steel tank. With such a big price gap, the choice of tank material really needs to be carefully weighed. Today we will give you What brought is the noble product in Dongfeng Danqiao-Dongfeng Tianjin 10-ton oil tank truck (Figure 1). ●The appearance is simple and beautiful, and the practical functions can be seen in many places The Dongfeng KinRun 10