CLW brand fresh milk truck product introduction

Fresh milk trucks are milk trucks, milk tank trucks, and liquid food trucks. They are vehicles for transporting fresh liquid milk. In terms of types, they are divided into bicycles and milk transportation semi-trailers. From the brand, there are Dongfeng Duoli Card, Kinrun, Jiefang, FAW small three axle, Foton Auman, Auman small three-axle, Tianlong first four and eight fresh milk trucks and other products. The fresh milk produced by the traditional method needs to be transported from the farm to the processing plant. There are many links in the middle. The most important one is the transportation link. Because of its specific nature, liquid, easy to precipitate, and easy to deteriorate, the fresh milk needs transportation The tank container should be sterile and antibacterial, and

Small Japanese Isuzu 3 ton freezer refrigerator box truck detailed configuration

As a best-selling truck around the world, the design of Isuzu trucks has been imitated by many manufacturers, which shows the extent of its audience. The design of the square headlights and the net are closer to the family face of Isuzu trucks, and the overall style is more elegant and concise. The power chassis is Isuzu’s mature technology, and its interior configuration is still very classic. The new Isuzu 100P 3 ton freezer refrigerator truck uses a single-row reversible cab; Engine—Isuzu 98-horsepower engine with 72Kw power, 3.0L displacement and 270N.m torque; Transmission—Isuzu MSB 5-speed manual transmission; Other configurations—front axle 2.5 tons/rear axle 4.8 tons; rear axle speed ratio 6.142; wheelbase 3360mm; standard 7.00 tires; ABS; dual-circuit oil brakes; direction assist; heating and cooling air

Isuzu 600P Truck mounted 3 Ton Palfinger Crane Specification

Isuzu truck mounted 3 ton Palfinger crane configuration: Chassis configuration It adopts Isuzu 600P single-row cab, Isuzu 4KH1CN5HS (130 horsepower) engine, Isuzu MSB five-speed transmission, with air conditioning, steering assist, front axle 2-2.5 tons, rear axle 4.8 tons, with ABS, standard 700R16 tires, single-row The cab can be flipped. Cargo box configuration Cargo box size: 3550x2100X400mm, the headroom length extends to 4.2 meters to meet the actual needs of customers! The dump function can be modified according to user needs. Hoist adopts 1.Sany Palfinger 3.2 ton 3-boom straight boom truck mounted crane, crane model: SPS8000, maximum lifting height: 11.9 meters, maximum working radius 10.4 meters, lower operation, rear outriggers: fixed Rear outriggers (the distance between the outriggers does not exceed the carriage), hydraulic single-chamber outriggers

Isuzu 10000L Helicopter Aircraft Refueling Truck specification

Isuzu 10000liters aircraft refueling truck is equipped with a 190 horsepower Euro 5 engine, and the tank body is made of 4MM stainless steel plate. With European standard tank port, static conductive wire reel, special oil pump anti-overflow probe and socket, submarine valve, float level gauge, pump tachometer, pump inlet vacuum gauge (takeover), pump outlet pressure gauge (takeover), Sampling valve at the outlet of the pump, sampling valve after filtration, sampling valve at the drain outlet of the filter separator Sampling valve combined with retarder cylinder, sampler sampling recovery oil drum, YC-12 type differential pressure gauge, closed-circuit visual transparent sampler, high liquid level alarm, low liquid level alarm (with switch), pressure adjustable overflow valve , HYJ-63X joint valve, 80WGF-60/10 filter separator, waist flow meter, reel

Isuzu brand 8m3 sewer vacuum sewage suction truck Specification configuration

Isuzu brand 8m3 sewer vacuum sewage suction truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects, transfers, cleans, and transports sludge, sewage, and avoids secondary pollution. The sewage suction truck can self-absorb and discharge. It has fast working speed, large capacity and convenient transportation. It is suitable for collecting and transporting feces, mud, Liquid substances such as crude oil. Isuzu brand 8m3 sewer vacuum sewage suction truc-k adopts the domestic technology-leading vacuum pump of the sewage suction truck, which has a large suction force and a long suction range. It is especially suitable for the suction, shipment and discharge of sludge in the sewer, especially for sucking sewage mud, silt, stones, and bricks. Large objects such as blocks. Isuzu 8m3 sewage suction truck top

Foton Times Small Card Star 2000L mini vacuum Sewage Suction Truck chep price Promotion

The main function of the vacuum sewage suction truck series is to suck and transport feces, silt, stones and other liquids mixed with large suspended debris for urban and rural sanitation departments. It is especially suitable for the suction, shipment and discharge of sludge in the sewer, especially for large objects such as stones and bricks in the sewer. There are two types of discharge: pressurized discharge and self-flow discharge. The sewage suction truck has the characteristics of high suction efficiency, self-priming, self-draining and direct irrigation, and is quick and easy to operate. Suitable for large, medium and small town sanitation and municipal departments! This Foton era 2 ton sewage suction truck is custom-made with a small Foton chassis, full diesel 68 horsepower, oil brakes,

Maintenance of truck crane hydraulic system

Truck crane Hydraulic oil is like the blood of people’s blood vessels. Hydraulic oil is the blood of construction machinery. The amount of hydraulic oil is more or less. Clean or unclean is directly related to whether the entire mechanical action is reliable or not.  The truck crane oil tank is a container of hydraulic oil. The amount of oil can be checked for the hydraulic oil level of the oil tank.  The recommended anti-wear hydraulic oil grades are: winter: L-HM32; summer: L-HM46. If it is missing, you can add it according to this grade, but you must remember the date when the crane was purchased at that time. The winter or summer use oil. Ensure that the new oil is compatible with the oil in

What is the difference between ordinary refrigerated truck and meat hook refrigerated truck?

When transporting different goods, the equipment inside the box is different, and the structure inside the box is also different. The structure of the ordinary goods and the white striped meat box are different, the process is also different, and the weight of the car is also different. Truck body shape comparison The shape of the ordinary box body is without guide rails, while the meat hook guide rail box has 4 or 5 guide rails for hanging white pork, and the overall force is on the top of the box. Internal skeleton comparison The left and right inner frame of the ordinary car body is generally about 1.2 meters, and the encryption distance of the left and right inner frame of the box on

SANY 12 ton Palfinger SPS30000 truck mounted crane hoisting parameters

 The 12 ton truck mounted crane is the most frequently used model in the market. It is a medium-sized truck-mounted crane. It can lift 12 tons when the boom is not extended, the full boom can reach 14.8 meters, and the lifting weight can reach 1.7 tons. It is matched with Sany brand cranes. When operating, the boom is an extended boom, which can extend farther, and can operate multiple lifting actions at the same time, with fast lifting speed and higher work efficiency.  Sany 12 ton truck mounted crane is equipped with four-section booms as standard. Crane model: SPS30000, adopts polygonal boom body. The whole boom weighs 4200kg. Compared with other cranes of the same tonnage, it is lightweight and light. The vehicle’s own

The difference between a Sewage suction truck and a fecal suction truck

Sewage suction trucks and fecal suction trucks, as special vehicles for sanitation, are distinguished by function: sewage suction trucks are new types of sanitation vehicles that collect and transfer sludge and sewage to avoid secondary pollution.  The fecal suction truck is mainly used in special vehicles for cleaning and cleaning in septic tanks, sewage ditches and sewers. Although the two models differ only by one word, they have completely different characteristics and functions . Appearance : the shape of the tank is different From the appearance and production process, the tank used by the sewage suction truck is a round tank, while the tank used by the sewage suction truck is designed as an oval turtle-back tank; the two models are in the tank body. There are four