How much is Jmc 6m3 rear loader garbage compactor truck?

At present, there are many brands of compactor garbage trucks on the market, such as Dongfeng, Dayun, Jmc, etc., and the tonnage is also large or small. When purchasing, you can choose a garbage truck with a suitable tonnage according to the amount of garbage. For example, the following is an explanation of this Jmc 6m3 rear loader garbage compactor truck, which is more suitable for use in old residential areas with a large population but relatively narrow. The specific configuration of this truck is as follows: Jmc 6m3 rear loader garbage compactor truck adopts JMC Xinshunda Euro VI narrow body single-row cab and is equipped with JMC 115 horsepower engine; 5-speed gearbox, 7.00R16 steel tires, air conditioning, steering assist, air brakes, central locking, electric

Shacman Xuande 15t construction water truck

Speaking of the development history of Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle, the transformation and development of Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle have achieved good results. Xuande products have advanced production technology, orderly production rhythm, strict quality control, efficient production capacity improvement, etc., which make Shaanxi Automobile Xuande quickly occupy a place in the market. Like this Shacman Xuande 15t construction water truck! This car adopts the cab of Shaanxi Auto Xuande X9 with half a row of 2120mm. The mesh inlet adopts an X-shaped design, and the two sides are combined with polygonal headlights, which look fashionable and atmospheric. The standard configuration includes air conditioning, electric windows, auxiliary seat fixing, headlight adjustment, central control lock, MP3 player, main seat economical airbag, Tianxing Jianzhiya version BD vehicle terminal

4WD Dongfeng pickup 2.1m blasting equipment transport vehicle

Among the van-type transport vehicles for dangerous goods, the most convenient one in the urban area belongs to the pickup type explosion-proof vehicle. At present, there are several pickup brands on the market, such as Futian Yutu 8 pickup truck and Dongfeng XIAOBAWANG pickup truck. With high configuration and high comfort, they are the first choice for short-distance transport vehicles. For example, this Dongfeng pickup 4WD 2.1m blasting equipment transport vehicle! This car Dongfeng pickup 4WD single row cab, with silver-plated inscription decoration and blackened headlights, looks very atmospheric, multi-functional steering wheel, central lock, electric doors and windows, 7-inch screen MP5, adjustable driver’s seat height, with front collision warning and track offset warning. The power is equipped with Yuchai 165 HP engine, matched with a

Introduction to economical 5000L fresh water tanker

There are many brands of 5000L water truck chassis, such as Dongfeng, Dayun, Foton, and other product series. For example, this affordable Foton 5000L fresh water tanker! This car adopts Foton Kangrui H2 single row cab, powered by full diesel 115 horsepower, matched with WanLiYang 5-gear box, standard central lock, and electric glass; 7.00R16 steel wire tire, 3360mm wheelbase, T-box, 5T rear axle and other configurations are adopted, with strong bearing capacity and high comfort. The upper vehicle is 6.25 meters long, 2.065 meters wide and 2.4 meters high, with a total mass of 7.36 tons, a kerb mass of 3.22 tons and a rated load mass of 3.945 tons. The shape of the tank is square and circular; The overall dimension of the tank

7 units hook loader truck batch ship to Mongolia

The slogan “drive Alto first, then Mercedes Benz and waw car will take you to fly” is really good. I hope it is not empty words. It is understood that this is purchased by Mongolia for the transfer of construction waste in the basement. At present, the seven hook arm garbage trucks have completed the factory inspection and are about to be sent to the user’s location. Let’s take you to know the configuration and purpose of this model: The waw hook loader truck adopts engineering dump chassis, alto x2 luxury single row cab, equipped with Yunnei 150 HP engine, 2.49l displacement, matching Changtai small eight-speed gearbox (high and low speed), 7.50R16 tire, air brake, 1080 rear axle, 200 * 6 girder, electric doors and

HOWO Mobile Stage Truck Configuration Analysis

A mobile stage truck is a common special car model in life. It is widely used in some product mobile publicity, commercial performances, weddings, and funerals. With the development of society and the demand of the market, the production of stage trucks not only has the advantage of appearance but also takes more and more into account the actual needs of users; Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to a HOWO mobile stage truck. The reason why it is a new stage car is mainly that the design of the top is quite special. We all know that the temperature is low in winter; Stage cars are located in a wide place outdoors. In order to better achieve the performance effect, the actors performing on the

What is the configuration of the JAC Shuailing 4 ton fridge truck?

JAC has joined forces with technology companies such as Baidu, iFLYTEK, Horizon Robotics, etc. in the fields of intelligent driving, intelligent networking, and artificial intelligence. Relying on the cooperation with the above-mentioned companies, this company has been able to maintain its position in the industry during the transformation of the “New Four Modernizations”. JAC series products have also become mid-stream products in the market, such as this JAC Shuailing 4 ton fridge truck! This car uses the JAC Shuiling Q3 single-row 1.7-meter-wide cab, an upright A-pillar design, a wider field of vision, an upgraded sedan interior, and a multi-function steering wheel with integrated fixed-speed cruise and power steering; Central lock, electric doors and windows, boneless wipers, Shanghai Songzhi air conditioner, high-power cooling and fast, trip

Dongfeng 1 ton refrigerated van for sale

In Refrigerated Van, new models are also a lot of brands, such as Dongfeng popular, Foton, SAIC Maxus, etc. The refrigerated van ride is comfortable and stable. Because the frame girder is stamped with a 4mm high-quality steel plate, it has good torsion resistance, strong bearing capacity, and is not easy to deform. The sidewall is strengthened with an anti-collision bar, with good safety; Especially under various road conditions, it has superior comprehensive performance and is more stable and comfortable than the general bread refrigerator truck, which ensures the comfort of personnel and has a good protective effect on the items in the refrigerator. Dongfeng 1 ton refrigerated van adopts Dongfeng Fengxing V3 bread cab. The net is decorated with four silver-plated inscription strips, inverted

JAC 5000 Gallon Water Spray Truck Highlights Configuration

In the driving of the flat top, the configuration is slightly higher, there is not a lot of models. There is a good model is Jac 5000 Gallon Water Spray Truck, let’s take a look! This car uses Jianghuai Galfa K5x flat top half-cab, which uses four U-shaped silver decorative strips, both sides are the flow, which can reduce the wind resistance; The cab is standard with original air conditioners, airbag seats, electric doors and windows, remote control keys, central locks, ABS, driving recorders, electric heating mirrors, multi-function steering wheel, reversing image reservation interface, the configuration is very complete Missing comfort is much more. This car has a diesel engine of Tuxi Ca6DLD-29E6 Euro VI 290 horsepower 6.6L, which is a 300L aluminum tank, an

How much is Jac food waste truck?

Because the composition of the kitchen waste is relatively complicated, the amount of oil-containing oil-containing oil is relatively high, and it is relatively easy to ferment, rotten and the odor of agriculture. At this time, if it is mixed with other garbage, it will be contaminated with other rubbish, resulting in a decrease in the recovery rate of other garbage, so the kitchen waste needs to be collected and transported. So there is no dedicated garbage truck to transfer the kitchen waste? Food Waste Truck is a vehicle dedicated to transshipment kitchen waste; After the implementation of the garbage classification, the demand for Food Waste Truck has increased, which ensures that the kitchen waste can be classified and ultimately realize the use of kitchen waste