Common faults and solutions of sewage suction trucks

With the sewage suction truck, it is much easier to treat sewage sewage in urban communities and sewage from factories and enterprises. It is one of the must-have models of sanitation vehicles. There are many brands of sewage suction trucks, but their functions are mostly the same, and the operation methods are similar. In the course of use, there will inevitably be malfunctions of one kind or another, and some malfunctions must be solved in time; Otherwise, it may cause more serious consequences, because as a user of the sewage suction truck, it is best to master some maintenance methods of the sewage suction truck, which can be used for emergency rescue at any time. One, the vacuum gauge of the sewage suction truck has

6×6 DFAC 10m3 off road water tanker Specification

6×6 DFAC 10m3 off road water tanker is modified with the Dongfeng EQ2102G military vehicle chassis. Chassis uses Dongfeng Cummins B190 33 engine, Euro III emission standards. The 153 classic cab is used, which was originally used by the army to transport supplies. Now according to the needs of users, it is converted into a 10-square water tank for forest fire fighting or water transportation in disaster areas. The tank body is 4mm thick. If it is a drinking water truck, it will be made of food grade 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel. 6×6 DFAC 10m3 off road water tanker specification engine Cummins B190 33 Gearbox Dongfeng fifth gear Vehicle size 77 60 × 2500 × 2800mm Chassis size 7600×2480×2780mm Water tank volume

Wuling EV 50 Electric Cold Chain Vehicle

WWuling EV 50 Electric Cold Chain Vehicle Vehicle model: CLW5030XLCBEV Vehicle size: 4490x1610x2115mm Interior size: 2170x1280x1060mm Volume: about 3m3 Rated load quality: 1100kg Chassis configuration: Wheelbase: 3050mm Battery brand and capacity: Ningchuan Times 41.86kwh Cruising range: 245km Motor model: TZ180XSIN101 Suzhou Huichuan Power: 60kw Top speed: 90km/h Others: electronic power assist, air conditioning, central control lock, electric doors and windows, remote control keys, reversing radar, ABS. Electric Cold Chain Vehicle Upload configuration: (1) Manufacturing process: The car body is manufactured by a vacuum adsorption and hydraulic adsorption integrated molding production line, sandwich composite bonding, and the thermal insulation performance reaches the national A-level standard. (2) Compartment board material: domestic high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic is selected for the inner and outer wall panels (no light

Dongfeng Kinland Hook Arm Garbage Truck with 18m3 Compressed Garbage Station

Chassis configuration: Cummins 290 horsepower, Fast 9-speed gearbox, D320 row semi-luxury KL cab, 5.5T front axle, dual 10T rear axle, 11.00 steel wire tires, 300 double-layer beams, airbag seats. Upload configuration: Arm manganese steel, reinforced rear outriggers, Interpap (hydraulic oil pump imported from Italy), the whole vehicle adopts hydraulic or electronic control defense operation. Compressed garbage station configuration: The volume of the box is 18m3, and the arc-shaped box is formed at one time. The thickness of the box has 5 sides and 5 bottoms. Use Hubei Boli cylinder, Tianhe high-pressure oil pipe; Yangzhou Hainer hydraulic system (imported electromagnetic reversing valve, imported oil pump, Siemens PLC electronic control system, 5.5Kw motor, single pump) It works with an external 380V power supply, flips the feed, with

Dongfeng 2.5m3 small road sweeper

Euro VI Dongfeng 2.5m3 small road sweeper chassis configuration: Dongfeng Tuyi 2600 wheelbase, Liuji 113 horsepower engine, 5-speed gearbox, rear two-wheel vacuum tires, standard power steering, front disc brake, central control door lock, electric doors and windows, cruise control, Bluetooth phone, LED Daytime running lights, ABS, air conditioning. Euro VI Dongfeng 2.5m3 small road sweeper Top configuration: Vehicle volume: 0.5 cubic water, 2 cubic dust, square tank, carbon steel water tank, stainless steel trash can; 4 sweep pans at the front and suction cups at the rear; Yunnei 57-horsepower auxiliary engine, Yuci solenoid valve group, Boli cylinder; Schneider electric control switch, two-way operation button; Reynolds motor and American diaphragm pump; water tank bottom water level alarm, big tank lifting and back door opening and closing

Ford Transit Fast Emergency Rescue car

Fast Emergency Rescue car is mainly used in airports, highways, subways, municipal gas, mine rescue, petrochemical industries and other industries. Can be modified according to the different needs of customers! The vehicle integrates five major functions: first aid, rescue, emergency repair, communication, and equipment integration into one vehicle. Ford Transit Fast Emergency Rescue car has five major functions: ONE. First aid function: Oxygen system: The vehicle is equipped with 5-10 sets of 10L fixed or 5L knapsack cylinders for oxygen inhalation by on-site personnel; Stretcher system: one set of wheeled stretcher and folding stretcher for rescue of the wounded; TOW. Communication function: Vehicle-mounted handheld walkie-talkie system; On-site call system, through the high-foot loudspeaker to reach a diameter of 100 meters, on-site dispatching and commanding, evacuation

JAC Geerfa 6.8m refrigerated truck

Euro VI JAC Geerfa 6.8m refrigerated truck Engine: Cummins 245 horsepower B6.2NS6B245 Transmission: Fast eight-speed Cargo box size: 6800X2420X2400 Total mass: 18000 Chassis weight: 5.1 Front axle: 4t Rear axle: 9t Tires: 275/80R22.518PR High roof and flat floor in cab 400L fuel tank Basic configuration: air conditioner/electric doors and windows/electric flip/central lock/radio plus MP3 socket/head air horn/engine guard/ABS/main driving airbag seat/drive recorder/full CAN/front lower protection/front wheel block Mudboard/right turn alarm/fixed speed cruise.

4×4 JMC Pickup Truck Wrecker

4×4 JMC pickup truck wrecker uses Ford engine: JX4D20A6L, power/horsepower: 104(kw)/141.44(ps) 2.0T displacement, torque 356N.M. Turbocharged diesel engine, time-sharing high and low speed four-wheel drive, one-button start, leather seats, multi-function steering wheel, original reversing image, aluminum alloy wheels with thick cross-country tubeless tires, four-wheel disc brakes, rear window guards, electric Reversing mirror, auto-sensing headlights, auto-sensing wipers, ABS. Pearl white metallic paint, electric glass central control door lock, thickened anti-rust spray glue in the cargo box; foot pedals on both sides, air-conditioning rear window, 6-speed manual transmission, (8-speed automatic transmission is the same as BMW X5 X6 payment) Tire specification P265/70R16,265 Gross weight (kg) 2890 Dimensions (mm) 5865X1905X1835 4×4 JMC pickup wrecker truck top configuration, standard configuration of our latest fifth-generation patented universal auxiliary wheel, equipped

DFLZ 42m3 bulk feed truck

DFLZ 42m3 bulk feed truck, new H7 cab, Yuchai 400 (460) horsepower, Fast 12-speed gearbox, 2050+4400+1350mm wheelbase, 12R22.5 tubeless tires, electric doors and windows, central locking, ABS, Directional assistance, original air conditioner, airbag seat. DFLZ 42m3 bulk feed truck tank body is made of high-quality carbon steel plate, optional lightweight and high-strength manganese steel material, 3 augers for the whole vehicle, optional electric or hydraulic auger control, top discharge auger standard 7.8 Meters are lifted by hydraulic control and can be rotated 180° left and right. The tank body is divided into four bins, and the unloading sequence and speed of each sub-silo can be independently controlled.

Foton Pickup Snow Removal Truck

Foton Pickup Snow Removal Truck are suitable for specialized transportation and operation vehicles for snow removal, snow melting, snow removal and ice breaking in modern cities and highways. The front-mounted snow removal shovel and snow removal brush are used interchangeably. When the snow is thick, the brush is used to sweep it to both sides of the road. After being crushed by the car or the icy snow is pushed to both sides of the road with a dozer . Foton Pickup Snow Removal Truck is equipped with a snowmelting spreader at the rear. The spreader sprays snowmelting agent during the snow removal process in winter to prevent icing on the slippery road and affecting traffic. The road covered with snowmelting agent can well solve