The price of various brand trucks with SANY Palfinger 12 ton truck crane

Among all the tonnages of Sany Palfinger cranes, which tonnage is the most practical and cost-effective, it is definitely 12 tons. There are currently two models of SANY 12-ton truck-mounted crane: four-section boom and five-section boom. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the latest price picture information of the 12-ton SANY truck-mounted crane for the reference of the majority of cranes. The latest offer of SANY Palfinger truck mounted crane 12 tons Sany truck-mounted crane has a 12-ton four-section boom, model SPS30000B, with a boom length of 14.8 meters. The latest market price is ¥396,000 to ¥458,000. 80% of users choose four-section boom cranes, which are economical and practical. Sany truck-mounted crane has a 12-ton five-section boom, model SPS30000C, and a

Lifting parameters of Sany Palfinger 3 ton truck mounted crane

Sany 3.2 ton truck mounted crane Number of boom sections Section Three-section basic arm Four basic arm Maximum lifting mass kg 3200 3200 The farthest lifting weight kg 840 550 Maximum lifting moment tm 8 8 Hydraulic system flow L/min 35 35 Rotation angle . 360 360 Range of luffing angle . 0-75 0-75 Lifting height m 9.8 12.5 Basic arm length m 3.4 3.5 Full arm length m 8.0 10.4 Crane weight kg 1200 1300 Outrigger span mm 2010-4400 2010-4400 Parameters of Sany Palfinger 3 ton truck-mounted crane The Sany Palfinger 3 ton truck mounted crane is divided into three-section boom or four-section boom. The three-section boom has a working radius of 8 meters and a lifting height of 9.8 meters. The maximum lifting

Daily maintenance strategy for core components of road sweeper truck

The maintenance service manual mainly includes the maintenance of road sweeper truck, vacuum cleaner auxiliary engine, fan, suction cup, sweeper system, water circuit, air circuit and circuit system. The maintenance of the vehicle pays attention to “seven maintenance and three maintenance”, that is, the vehicle should be checked and maintained regularly during the whole life of the vehicle. Early detection and early resolution of problems can achieve the goal of repairing on behalf of repairs, and even not repairing them for life. One. Road sweeper truck auxiliary engine 1. The water temperature of the auxiliary engine water tank must not exceed 90 degrees Celsius. When the water temperature is too high, it needs to be shut down immediately. Check whether the oil and antifreeze are

Detailed configuration of Dongfeng KinRun 10 ton Fuel oil tanker truck

Among small and medium-sized fuel oil tanker trucks, carbon steel tankers are often seen. Aluminum alloy tank bodies have become a trend in lightweight design. Why there is still such a large demand for carbon steel tankers? The main reason is cost. Take the Dongfeng Tianjin 10-ton oil tanker as an example. The aluminum alloy tank is about 40,000 yuan more expensive than the carbon steel tank. With such a big price gap, the choice of tank material really needs to be carefully weighed. Today we will give you What brought is the noble product in Dongfeng Danqiao-Dongfeng Tianjin 10-ton oil tank truck (Figure 1). ●The appearance is simple and beautiful, and the practical functions can be seen in many places The Dongfeng KinRun 10

How to effectively prevent fire and explosion of fuel oil tanker truck?

Fuel oil tanker truck catches fire or explodes. I hear such news several times a year. Every time I hear these news, it makes people feel creepy. Because the fuel oil tanker truck catches fire and explodes with great power, it seriously endangers citizens’ personal safety and citizens’ property safety. So how should we prevent these unfortunate things from happening again? As a company that produces and sells Fuel oil tanker trucks, we have made some suggestions and opinions, hoping to help the majority of car owners, and we also hope that the explosion of Fuel oil tanker truck will not happen again. Fire and explosion caused by fuel oil tanker truck leakage. Fuel oil tanker truck is used to hold oil, so if the

Comprehensive introduction of Dongfeng KinRun road washing and sweeping truck

In the 21st century, the economy is developing rapidly, and the market demand for cleaning vehicles is greater than that of remote road cleaning vehicles. The road sweeper and the sweeper are both road sweepers combined with suction and sweeping, but the difference in name alone can tell that the sweeper has more functions. The difference in the word “”washing” alone makes the sweeper nearly 200,000 more expensive than the sweeper. Of course, the value realized by any product must be directly proportional to its price. The sweeper has multiple attributes such as a road sweeper, a high-pressure cleaning vehicle, a sprinkler, and a snow plow, so it is called a multifunctional sweeper. From the perspective of vehicle configuration, the same Dongfeng Tianjin Road Sweeper

The king of cost performance: CLW brand export special Dongfeng 6×4 water tank truck

Today, the sunshine is just right. The editor of Chengli Group came to the factory to take photos of various models. After walking to the back area, a row of export-specific Dongfeng 6×4 water tank trucks was neatly parked next to the paint room. Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. exports special Dongfeng 6×4 water tank truck, 153 row half cab, Cummins 210 horsepower engine, large eight-speed gearbox, front 5T axle and rear double 10T axle, 10.00 nylon tires, 300 double-layer frame, Drive to turn and stop the air brake. Hubei Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. Dongfeng 6×4 water tank truck top configuration: tank volume is 20000 liters, the tank body is welded with 4 mm thick volume plates produced by Wuhan Iron and

Chengli Dongfeng Duolika 8cbm garbage compactor truck product analysis

Hubei Chengli Dongfeng Dolica 8m3 garbage compactor truck, adopts Dongfeng original chassis, 3800 wheelbase, Chaochai 120hp/Cummins 140hp engine, Euro 3 to Euro 6 emission standards, Wanliyang 5-speed gearbox, 750 -16 tires, 5.5 tons rear axle, 192 double-layer girder. Chengli Group 8m3 garbage compactor truck, the upper box material can be made of carbon steel/manganese steel, Yangzhou Zhongmei multi-way valve, Boli hydraulic cylinder, Hefei Wanli oil pump, Japan Valqua seal ring, Bangwe hydraulic tubing , Germany Siemens PLC control system, integrated flashlight operation mode, with cab operation, standard garbage turning bucket or hanging bucket turning board. Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Daolika 8m3 garbage compactor truck has the following advantages: 1. Automated operation, using computer control system, all loading and unloading requires only one

Comparison of the advantages of Chengli special aerial operating vehicles

First, let’s take a look at the product advantages of the Chengliwei Scissor aerial platform truck. Its operating height is 6 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters, and 12 meters. It is suitable for landscaping, tree trimming, street lamp maintenance, etc. It can also be used for high-altitude equipment installation. , Maintenance, transportation of goods up and down between workshops, warehouses and working floors, production line, goods transfer between height differences in the flow of goods of special equipment, and truck loading and unloading operations. Advantages of Chengli Group Scissor aerial platform truck:1. Equipped with a large cargo box, which can load goods, and a car has two functions;2. The car is equipped with two hydraulic outriggers to enhance the balance of the whole car;3. The

How to choose a construction road water sprinkler truck?

Nowadays, the country is in a period of rapid development. The construction of various sites and the real estate industry have endured for a long time. There are many buildings in various cities, and there are countless large and small construction sites. As people pay more and more attention to dust reduction and haze removal, many large-scale construction sites must be strictly equipped with sprinklers. It is difficult to make a choice when choosing a construction road water sprinkler truck. A good one is expensive, and the use environment on the construction site makes maintenance The cost increases, and the almost unused failures continue. How to choose a construction site water sprinkler truck is good, the following editor Cheng Li will introduce you to several