Kama 3 ton side loader waste management garbage truck price

The Side loader waste management garbage truck is automatic in loading and unloading garbage and has high use efficiency. It can be equipped with dozens of garbage cans in one truck and can realize the joint operation of one truck and multiple garbage cans for cyclic transportation. At present, in the garbage truck market, the market demand for self-loading and unloading garbage trucks is still relatively high, especially for small side loaders. So today I will bring you a cost-effective Kama 3-ton side loader waste management garbage truck. The configuration and price of this truck are as follows: Kama 3 ton side loader waste management garbage truck adopts the new Isuzu 1580mm white single-row reversible cab, 160mm girder, the width on both sides of the

JAC Kangling kitchen food waste truck price

Kitchen waste is a large type of household waste that is generated daily, and there are two sources of kitchen waste. One is the kitchen waste generated in residents’ homes, mainly leftovers. There is also non-resident kitchen waste, mainly kitchen waste generated by catering establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and canteens. For kitchen waste collection in different places, choose kitchen food waste trucks of different sizes. For example, a JAC Kangling kitchen food waste truck brought by Xiaobian is suitable for the collection and transfer of kitchen waste in catering institutions. Let’s take a closer look at the configuration and price of this garbage truck: JAC Kangling kitchen food waste truck adopts Kangling 1720 cab, Yunnei Dewei 150 horsepower, six-tooth 6-speed gearbox, 7.00R16 tires, air

Dongfeng 34m telescopic boom lift truck product introduction

Telescopic boom lift truck integrates many advantages, and all aerial work devices are imported. Compared with the common aerial work vehicles on the market, the model structure is more compact; The overall length of the vehicle is less than 8.5 meters, the width is within 2.5 meters, and the height is about 3.7 meters, but the working height can reach 34 meters. Just like this Dongfeng 34m telescopic boom lift truck! This car adopts Dongfeng Duolika D7 single-row cab, equipped with electric doors and windows, air conditioning, multi-function steering wheel, Bluetooth, LED headlights, air brakes and other configurations as standard; Equipped with Yuchai 165 horsepower engine, matching Wanliyang 6-speed gearbox, using 3.8 meters wheelbase, 245/70R19.5 tubeless tires, good bearing capacity. Dongfeng 34m telescopic boom lift

Dongfeng 8 ton flatbed truck with crane configuration introduction

The full name of the truck-mounted crane is a truck-mounted hoisting vehicle. It is a special-purpose vehicle with many functions. It can be used for both hoisting and transporting goods, so it is very popular in the market. Today, the editor is going to introduce a relatively special truck-mounted crane model. The reason why it is special is that this truck-mounted crane is equipped with a hydraulic ladder in addition to the crane and cargo box. The installation of the ladder has also Endowed the car with more functions; So what is the configuration and performance of this Dongfeng 8 ton flatbed truck with crane? Take a look. This car is produced by Hubei Chengli Company and adopts Dongfeng Duolika D9 series chassis. The whole

XCMG 12 ton straight arm truck crane for sale

Speaking of truck cranes, I believe everyone is familiar with them. It belongs to engineering models and plays an important role in economic construction. The truck-mounted crane and the crane are somewhat similar in appearance. The difference is that the truck-mounted crane has a cargo box and can transport goods. In contrast, the truck-mounted crane has more functions, which is why many people choose the truck-mounted crane. So when it comes to truck crane brands, XCMG is the most common and most popular. Today, I will introduce an XCMG straight arm crane – Dongfeng 10 wheel XCMG 12 ton straight arm truck crane. This vehicle is 12 meters long, 2.55 meters wide, 3.9 meters high, and has a total mass of 25 tons. It adopts

The operation method of a small pressure washing truck

In the sanitation vehicle, pressure washing truck is also an indispensable model, which can rush away the blocked pipeline through the strong pressure generated by high-pressure water flow. The main components are tank body, high-pressure pump, hydraulic system, etc. A pressure washing truck is mainly used to clean the sediments of urban sewers and pipelines and dredge the mud ditches in dead corners. It can also be used to clean industrial drainage pipelines and walls, and clean the underground pipelines of roads and squares. However, the most convenient thing to use in the community is a small high-pressure cleaning truck! This car adopts the new Kama K3 white single row 1580mm wide reversible cab, equipped with Yunnei d20tcif1 national VI diesel engine, 126 horsepower, 93kw

Configuration of Chenglong 4.2m refrigerator truck

Chenglong 4.2m refrigerator truck adopts Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong L2 single row 2m wide cab, which is equipped with the central control door lock, electric door and window, remote control key, original air conditioner, multi-functional steering wheel and air brake as standard; Electric horn, air horn, USB interface, cooling and heating cup holder, MP3 + Radio, manually adjustable electric heating rearview mirror, four-way multi-function, constant speed cruise and other configurations. The accessories of the whole car are modular assembly, which makes maintenance easier and cab comfort higher. The chassis is equipped with Euro VI Yuchai 140 HP engine, matched with WanLiYang 6-speed all-aluminum gearbox with original synchronizer gearbox, 3360 wheelbases, aluminum alloy air reservoir, 120L oil tank, 12V electrical system and ABS; Automatic adjusting arm, T-box,

Sino SITRAK 32cbm Aluminum Alloy Oil Tanker Body Instructions

Compared with carbon steel tanker, aluminum alloy tanker has more advantages in transportation efficiency, which is why users choose it, and aluminum alloy tanker has a more beautiful appearance and higher recycling value; In terms of tank volume, oil trucks tend to be generous, which is different from refueling trucks. Today, I will introduce a Sinotruk Shandeka C5H 32cbm aluminum alloy oil tanker. The vehicle is 11.9 meters long, 2.525 meters wide and 3.4 meters high, with a total mass of 32 tons and a rated load of 20.305 tons. It is equipped with a 350-horsepower Euro VI diesel engine of Sinotruk; In-line six-cylinder engine, with supercharged intercooler, 7.36 liters displacement, the maximum output power of 257 kW, peak torque of up to 1400 Nm,

Sinotruk Howo 9.5m3 road cleaning truck

High-pressure cleaning vehicles are divided into road cleaning vehicles and pipeline high-pressure cleaning vehicles. There are still many differences in the production of tops. The road cleaning vehicle is a professional road cleaning vehicle, and the pipeline high-pressure cleaning vehicle is a professional cleaning sewer. Today, let’s take a look at this Sinotruk Howo G5X 9.5m3 road cleaning truck! It is powered by a Weichai 220-horsepower engine, matched with an eight-speed gearbox, with a wheelbase of 4.7 meters, a 3.6-ton front axle, an 8-ton rear axle, 250 single-layer girders, 275/80R22.5 steel tires, and other configurations, with strong bearing capacity. The whole vehicle is 9.4 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 3..25 meters high, with a total mass of 18 tons, a curb weight of 8.75

Introduction to the configuration of Sinotruk Homan 12m3 sewer jet truck

In the automotive industry, new products always attract more people’s attention, even in special vehicles. Sanitation vehicles are an important part of special vehicles and play a key role in environmental sanitation construction. When most people buy sanitation vehicles, the first choice is the brand; Well-known sanitation truck brands include Dongfeng, Sinotruk, Jiefang, Foton, etc. Today, the editor will introduce a Sinotruk Homan12m3 sewer jet truck. The vehicle is 7.6 meters long, 2.36 meters wide, and 3.26 meters high, with a total mass of 14.06 tons and a rated load of 5.52 tons. It is equipped with a Weichai 190-horsepower Euro VI diesel engine; The inline four-cylinder engine has a maximum power of 140 kW and a peak torque of 680 Nm. The Homan wide-body