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JAC Kangling kitchen food waste truck price

Kitchen waste is a large type of household waste that is generated daily, and there are two sources of kitchen waste. One is the kitchen waste generated in residents’ homes, mainly leftovers. There is also non-resident kitchen waste, mainly kitchen waste generated by catering establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and canteens. For kitchen waste collection […]

How much is the HOWO 18m3 compactor garbage truck of the garbage transfer and transportation series

Sanitation garbage trucks belong to the special-purpose vehicles in the special-purpose vehicle market, and their market share is relatively high, and the market development prospects are also relatively good. As we all know, there are many types of sanitation garbage trucks, and different types of sanitation garbage trucks have different market demands. Sinotruk Howo 18m3 […]

How much is Jmc 6m3 rear loader garbage compactor truck?

At present, there are many brands of compactor garbage trucks on the market, such as Dongfeng, Dayun, Jmc, etc., and the tonnage is also large or small. When purchasing, you can choose a garbage truck with a suitable tonnage according to the amount of garbage. For example, the following is an explanation of this Jmc […]

How much does the newly listed Chenglong 5m3 hook loader truck cost?

In the special-purpose vehicle market, there are light truck chassis that are equally popular. The following editor will show you a new Chenglong 5m3 hook loader truck. The configuration and price of this vehicle are as follows: This truck adopts Liuqi wide-body cab, 3360mm wheelbases, equipped with Euro-6 Yuchai 140 horsepower engine, 2.36L displacement; Wanliyang […]

The most cost-effective Yuejin brand 6m3 trash compactor truck

Speaking of Yuejin, many users will think of Xiaofuxing microcards in their minds. Indeed, the Yuejin Xiaofuxing series has been performing well since its launch; Moreover, its products have been upgraded and optimized many times, so that it has certain market retention and popularity compared with similar models. In fact, the Yuejin pioneering series is […]

Foton food waste truck is a good helper for restaurant food waste transfer

According to data, my country’s kitchen waste accounts for about 37% to 62% of urban domestic waste. It is conceivable that the amount of food waste transported is relatively large; This has also led to an increase in the demand for kitchen-style garbage trucks, especially after the implementation of garbage classification, kitchen waste needs to […]

How to choose the Euro VI skip loader with multiple uses?

I believe that everyone is familiar with Dongfeng Motor, but when it comes to sub-brands, it is estimated that everyone will have to spend some time exploring; Because there are too many car brands under the Dongfeng Motor Group. Although there are many brands that are confusing, the advantage of having many brands is that […]

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