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Dongfeng 8 ton flatbed truck with crane configuration introduction

The full name of the truck-mounted crane is a truck-mounted hoisting vehicle. It is a special-purpose vehicle with many functions. It can be used for both hoisting and transporting goods, so it is very popular in the market. Today, the editor is going to introduce a relatively special truck-mounted crane model. The reason why it […]

The operation method of a small pressure washing truck

In the sanitation vehicle, pressure washing truck is also an indispensable model, which can rush away the blocked pipeline through the strong pressure generated by high-pressure water flow. The main components are tank body, high-pressure pump, hydraulic system, etc. A pressure washing truck is mainly used to clean the sediments of urban sewers and pipelines […]

Chengli Automobile Group’s second quarter outstanding publicity commissioner commendation meeting was grandly held

News from our newspaper (reported by Correspondent Liu Peilin)  “There are talented people from generation to generation, and they have led the way for hundreds of years.” On the afternoon of July 28, a major event happened in the capital of China’s special automobile. This day is destined to be extraordinary. One day; this day is destined to […]

Chengli Group Heavy Duty Crane Factory Euro VI New Product Launch

At the end of May, Chengli Automobile Group’s heavy-duty crane professional factory held a 2020 high-end National Sixth New Product Launch Recommendation Conference. At the meeting, the sales elites of the old and new factories and guests of related units were invited to the site to observe the operation demonstration of the new products. The […]

Help the global epidemic situation, fully meet the red May-Chengli Automobile Group’s 45 disinfection spray trucks exported to UAE

Assisted the output value of 7 billion special auto industry, fully met the red May. Since the restart of Chengli Automobile Group, Chengli Automobile Group has made every effort to work hard. Huawei crisis seizes the first opportunity in the international market, led by medical disinfection spray dust control and epidemic prevention vehicles. In the […]

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