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Introduction of automated side loader garbage truck loading system

3cbm automated side loader garbage truck chassis configuration: adopts Dongfeng Tuyi second-class special vehicle chassis, wheelbase 2600mm, single-row front flip cab; Liuzhou 113 horsepower national six gasoline engine, 5-speed gearbox, 175R14LT 8PR tires, original factory Air conditioning, ABS, electric doors and windows, central locking. Manual multi-way valve, a 240-litre plastic bucket is hung on the […]

Basement small trash trucks configuration

Basement small trash trucks chassis configuration:Height 2.08 meters, Tuyi 1650/single row non-reversible cab, oil brake, wheelbase 2800mm, Euro VI Quanchai 95 horsepower Q23-95E60, 5-speed gearbox, 185R14 tubeless tires-rear two wheels, Front and rear axles 1.5/3 Tons, with cruise control, power steering, front disc brake, central control door lock, electric doors and windows, Bluetooth phone, LED […]

military mobile catering kitchen food truck trailer for sale

The military mobile catering kitchen food truck trailer is produced in response to the special needs of armed police forces for field training and combat. In order to ensure the safety of the troops’ diet and the stealth performance characteristics of field operations, our unit specializes in customizing various types of catering support vehicles. Further, […]

Construction waste transportation expert-Dongfeng 5t hook arm lifting garbage truck

Dongfeng 5t hook arm lifting garbage truck, integral car number: CL5042ZXXX6GH 3308mm wheelbase, Yuchai’s 140 HP engine 7.00 steel wire tire, ABS air conditioning and the splash-proofing of flys . Installation configuration: It is constructed exactly as per the standard in accordance with the measurement. It is made from high-quality stainless steel and carbon. It is controlled […]

Dongfeng Capit K7 vaccine cold chain refrigerated truck

Model of the vehicle: EQ5140XLC8CDEAC Chassis model: EQ1140S8CDE Dimensions of the vehicle 7420*2500*3675mm. Cargo box size 5400*2300*2300mm Dongfeng Captain K7 vaccine cold chain refrigerated truck chassis configuration: Dongfeng Captain K7 National VI 4100 wheelbase, 2030/single row Cummins D4.0NS6B195 Speedy 8-speed (with synchronizer), Bangle 7T axle, 8.25R20 tires, 232 frame, air-conditioning power windows central lock for […]

China 10 tons hydraulic bulk feed transport truck

Configuration of the 10 tons hydraulic bulk feed transport truck Chassis: Dongfeng Tianjin VR cab, Cummins 180 HP six-cylinder engine with a small, fast 8-speed gearbox, 5000 mm wheelbase Original ABS; The air brake direction assists electronic controlled windows and windows central lock with the remote control key 10.00R20 18PR steel wire tire air conditioner […]

SINOTRUK HOWO 22cbm Combined jetting sewage suction truck

As urbanization is growing, people are paying more and more focus to ecological protection, and the demand for sanitation trucks is also growing. A sewage suction cleaner is a type that is a sanitation vehicle. It’s a multi-purpose vehicle for sanitation for use as a sanitizing vehicle. There are numerous models of Euro VI cleaning and suction […]

China Da Yun 3 car carrier truck

China Da Yun 3 car carrier truck Vehicle announcement: CL5110TCL6JY Vehicle size: 8380x2480x3500mm Total mass: 11200kg Chassis configuration: 1995 Opuli single row, Sino-German joint venture Dewei Yunnei D30TCIF1 (Yunnei 170 horsepower), 4400mm wheelbase, Fast sixth gear, Hande 1070 (7T) rear axle, 200 partial two-layer beams, ABS, air conditioner, electric doors,and windows + remote central control […]

Wuling EV 50 Electric Cold Chain Vehicle

WWuling EV 50 Electric Cold Chain Vehicle Vehicle model: CLW5030XLCBEV Vehicle size: 4490x1610x2115mm Interior size: 2170x1280x1060mm Volume: about 3m3 Rated load quality: 1100kg Chassis configuration: Wheelbase: 3050mm Battery brand and capacity: Ningchuan Times 41.86kwh Cruising range: 245km Motor model: TZ180XSIN101 Suzhou Huichuan Power: 60kw Top speed: 90km/h Others: electronic power assist, air conditioning, central control […]

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