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JAC Kangling kitchen food waste truck price

Kitchen waste is a large type of household waste that is generated daily, and there are two sources of kitchen waste. One is the kitchen waste generated in residents’ homes, mainly leftovers. There is also non-resident kitchen waste, mainly kitchen waste generated by catering establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and canteens. For kitchen waste collection […]

XCMG 12 ton straight arm truck crane for sale

Speaking of truck cranes, I believe everyone is familiar with them. It belongs to engineering models and plays an important role in economic construction. The truck-mounted crane and the crane are somewhat similar in appearance. The difference is that the truck-mounted crane has a cargo box and can transport goods. In contrast, the truck-mounted crane […]

Configuration of Chenglong 4.2m refrigerator truck

Chenglong 4.2m refrigerator truck adopts Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong L2 single row 2m wide cab, which is equipped with the central control door lock, electric door and window, remote control key, original air conditioner, multi-functional steering wheel and air brake as standard; Electric horn, air horn, USB interface, cooling and heating cup holder, MP3 + Radio, […]

Sino SITRAK 32cbm Aluminum Alloy Oil Tanker Body Instructions

Compared with carbon steel tanker, aluminum alloy tanker has more advantages in transportation efficiency, which is why users choose it, and aluminum alloy tanker has a more beautiful appearance and higher recycling value; In terms of tank volume, oil trucks tend to be generous, which is different from refueling trucks. Today, I will introduce a […]

Sinotruk Howo 9.5m3 road cleaning truck

High-pressure cleaning vehicles are divided into road cleaning vehicles and pipeline high-pressure cleaning vehicles. There are still many differences in the production of tops. The road cleaning vehicle is a professional road cleaning vehicle, and the pipeline high-pressure cleaning vehicle is a professional cleaning sewer. Today, let’s take a look at this Sinotruk Howo G5X […]

Introduction to the configuration of Sinotruk Homan 12m3 sewer jet truck

In the automotive industry, new products always attract more people’s attention, even in special vehicles. Sanitation vehicles are an important part of special vehicles and play a key role in environmental sanitation construction. When most people buy sanitation vehicles, the first choice is the brand; Well-known sanitation truck brands include Dongfeng, Sinotruk, Jiefang, Foton, etc. […]

Dongfeng Dolica series of wrecker trucks to meet your various needs

Dongfeng Motor’s popularity in the automobile market is still relatively high. Whether it is a freight vehicle or a special-purpose vehicle, the market share is relatively good. Dongfeng Motor has many series, such as Dorica series, commercial vehicle series, special bottom series, Huashan series, etc.; Among them, the Dolica series are mainly light and medium […]

How much is the HOWO 18m3 compactor garbage truck of the garbage transfer and transportation series

Sanitation garbage trucks belong to the special-purpose vehicles in the special-purpose vehicle market, and their market share is relatively high, and the market development prospects are also relatively good. As we all know, there are many types of sanitation garbage trucks, and different types of sanitation garbage trucks have different market demands. Sinotruk Howo 18m3 […]

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