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Refrigerated truck news

Small Japanese Isuzu 3 ton freezer refrigerator box truck detailed configuration

As a best-selling truck around the world, the design of Isuzu trucks has been imitated by many manufacturers, which shows the extent of its audience. The design of the square headlights and the net are closer to the family face of Isuzu trucks, and the overall style is more elegant and concise. The power chassis […]

What is the difference between ordinary refrigerated truck and meat hook refrigerated truck?

When transporting different goods, the equipment inside the box is different, and the structure inside the box is also different. The structure of the ordinary goods and the white striped meat box are different, the process is also different, and the weight of the car is also different. Truck body shape comparison The shape of […]

Production process of refrigerated truck body

Chengli company refrigerated truck is mainly composed of three parts: the chassis, the body, and the unit. At present, the commonly used materials for the interior and exterior of the cabin are mainly glass fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel, and 8 cm polyurethane inside. In addition to the material, another very important factor is the […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Refrigerated Trucks

What is a refrigerated truck? The refrigerated truck is a special refrigerated transport vehicle equipped with a refrigeration device and a polyurethane insulation compartment. It is often used to transport frozen food (freezer truck), dairy products (dairy truck), vegetables and fruits (fresh goods truck), vaccine drugs ( Vaccine transporter) etc. What is the composition of […]

The difference between Chengli medical waste transfer truck and refrigerated truck

Refrigerator trucks multiply many ancillary products, such as meat hook trucks, medical waste transfer trucks, pig trucks, pollution-free animal disposal trucks, etc. These products are equipped with different equipment on the basis of refrigerated trucks to achieve all Required features. What is the configuration difference between a refrigerated truck and a medical waste transfer truck. Stainless […]

Illustrations of the functions of optional equipment for refrigerator trucks

In recent years, there has been more and more refrigerated truck transportation. Many newcomers have just entered the industry and are at a loss as to how to choose the configuration in the compartment. Let’s see what is the use of these optional devices, whether you need to choose! Ventilation slot  It is recommended to […]

Super cargo expert-Iveco refrigerator truck

Recently, I have received many calls from users to inquire about refrigerated trucks. One of the most inquired questions is that they do not know how to choose. The editor will take you to learn more about Chengli Group’s Iveco refrigerated trucks. Chengli Iveco refrigerated truck is the abbreviation of Nanjing Iveco Automobile Co., Ltd. […]

ISUZU 3 ton to 6 ton Refrigerator truck price

[Introduction] Isuzu belongs to high-end light trucks. There are many types of Isuzu Blue brand models with different configurations, different prices, and different prices. See the following parameters and configurations. Model name: Isuzu 100P 4.2m refrigerator truck         Model configuration: Isuzu 98-horsepower V-5 diesel engine, Isuzu MSB five-speed gearbox, original air conditioner, direction assist, 2 […]

6.8m refrigerated truck for sale

There are many choices of 6.8-meter refrigerated truck models. Customers who purchase will choose different brands, compare configurations, cost performance, price, after-sales, etc., under the comprehensive selection of high-priced models, the following models are sold more Good, and 6.8 meters of conventional models are available now! Model Name: Dongfeng Tianjin 6.8m refrigerated truck       […]

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