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What products do special vehicles have and what contributions do they make to society? Here are the answers you want.

Washing sweeper truck encyclopedia

Washing and sweeping trucks refer to vehicles that are responsible for cleaning, washing, and cleaning roads in urban areas, national highways, highways, etc. The vehicle is equipped with two brush disks and a wide suction cup in the middle, or four-disk sweeping and rear suction port type road operations vehicle. product description: Sweeping truck is […]

vacuum cleaner sweeper truck encyclopedia

The vacuum cleaner sweeper truck is a new type of environmental protection and sanitation equipment developed with new patented technology. It has changed the traditional way of sweeping with the disc brush and rolling brush of the road sweeper, and all use the working principle of negative pressure direct suction to complete the work, and […]

Road sweeper Encyclopedia

As one of the sanitation equipment, the road sweeper is a new type of efficient cleaning equipment that integrates road cleaning, garbage recycling and transportation. Truck overview It can be widely used in road cleaning of arterial highways, municipal and airport pavements, urban residential areas, parks, etc. The road sweeper can not only sweep garbage, […]

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