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Daily maintenance strategy for core components of road sweeper truck

The maintenance service manual mainly includes the maintenance of road sweeper truck, vacuum cleaner auxiliary engine, fan, suction cup, sweeper system, water circuit, air circuit and circuit system. The maintenance of the vehicle pays attention to “seven maintenance and three maintenance”, that is, the vehicle should be checked and maintained regularly during the whole life […]

Comprehensive introduction of Dongfeng KinRun road washing and sweeping truck

In the 21st century, the economy is developing rapidly, and the market demand for cleaning vehicles is greater than that of remote road cleaning vehicles. The road sweeper and the sweeper are both road sweepers combined with suction and sweeping, but the difference in name alone can tell that the sweeper has more functions. The […]

Troubleshooting details for daily maintenance of vacuum road sweeper trucks

Daily maintenance and repair details of road sweeper project Cycle/fault Solution Paper air filter Clean every day, replace once a month Compressed air injection replacement Water Filter 5-7 days (according to the water source condition) damaged,The filter is seriously clogged (when the temperature is below 0 degrees, the pump should be drained every night, Residual […]

Classification and purchase of road sweeper trucks

According to the source of power, road sweeping vehicles are divided into electric road sweeping vehicles and fuel road sweeping vehicles. It is necessary to choose electric road sweeping vehicles or fuel road sweeping vehicles according to the environment in which they are used. Generally, in environments such as factory workshops, shopping malls, parks, etc., […]

Analysis of the four major differences between washing sweeping truck and sweeper truck

With the rapid development of social economy and the continuous advancement of urbanization, the people’s material life has been greatly improved. While the people enjoy the dividends brought about by development, environmental protection has become another important task besides economic development. In order to ensure the appearance of the city and the living environment of […]

Dongfeng brand 5 tons to 8 tons vacuum cleaner truck price configuration

1. Working principle of vacuum cleaner truck: The working principle of the vacuum cleaner truck is actually very simple. It is the same as an ordinary vacuum cleaner. Ordinary vacuum cleaners have a motor, a vacuum bucket, and a filter screen. The vacuum cleaner truck corresponds to a sub-engine, a vacuum box and eight filter cartridges. The […]

Dongfeng 6 ton washing and sweeping truck serves Wuhan Huaxia University of Technology

July is as anxious as fire, as fierce, and as passionate. Today, the weather is exceptionally cool. In this fire-like season, it is rare to have such a cool time. In the morning, I received a call from Mr. Xu from Wuhan saying that he would come to Chengli Group to visit the road sweeper. […]

vacuum cleaner truck three-layer filter system Introduction

The pure suction vacuum cleaner truck is a new generation of pure suction road sweeping vehicle developed by our company. vacuum cleaner truck is modified with a second-class chassis. It is mainly suitable for coal mines, power plants, cement, mining plants, dust plants and garbage with a single fine particle size. Mechanized cleaning and cleaning […]

Small road sweeper truck manufacturers price

The small road sweeper truck is equipped with four sweeping brushes, and the rear sweeping nozzles move the garbage in the corners from outside to inside. Focus on the area that the middle brush can sweep. The middle brush sweeps the garbage to the front of the suction nozzle. The suction nozzle sucks the garbage into […]

Dongfeng Duolika series road sweeper configuration introduction

At present, what kind of Dongfeng Dolka road sweepers are sold by our company, the following is an introduction to Chengli Group. 1. Dongfeng Duolika d6 small road sweeper , using Dongfeng D6 small Duolika chassis, single-row white forward-turning cab, equipped with 102 hp Chaochai and 115 hp Yuchai State V diesel engines, 5-speed gearbox, wheelbase 3308mm, […]

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