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Shacman Xuande 15t construction water truck

Speaking of the development history of Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle, the transformation and development of Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle have achieved good results. Xuande products have advanced production technology, orderly production rhythm, strict quality control, efficient production capacity improvement, etc., which make Shaanxi Automobile Xuande quickly occupy a place in the market. Like this Shacman […]

Introduction to economical 5000L fresh water tanker

There are many brands of 5000L water truck chassis, such as Dongfeng, Dayun, Foton, and other product series. For example, this affordable Foton 5000L fresh water tanker! This car adopts Foton Kangrui H2 single row cab, powered by full diesel 115 horsepower, matched with WanLiYang 5-gear box, standard central lock, and electric glass; 7.00R16 steel […]

Dongfeng 18 Ton water pumper truck Product Introduction

As a giant in the special vehicle chassis industry, Dongfeng chassis has contracted all kinds of special models, and the most basic environmental sanitation model is the sprinkler; Let’s take a look at this Dongfeng 18 ton water pump truck! This car adopts Dongfeng Changxing D3 row semi cab, which can be turned forward. The […]

SINOTRUK HOWO MAX 15 ton stainless steel water tanker configuration advantages

In the medium-sized stainless steel water tanker, there are many choices on the chassis, such as Dongfeng Tianjin, Foton Linghang, and Sinotruk Howo MAX. Today, let’s take a look at how this SINOTRUK HOWO MAX 15 ton stainless steel water tanker is. ! This car uses the Sinotruk HOWO MAX 2350mm wide cab, the Sinotruk […]

Would you like this CNHTC 12 ton water sprinkler truck blessed by a high-power engine?

What do you think of the SITRAK series of Sinotruk? This series of models is a new generation of high-end products newly developed by Sinotruk Group based on MAN’s core assembly technology, with novel styles, strong power and stronger carrying capacity; The use performance is better, and its power, economy, comfort, maneuverability, etc. have reached […]

Foton pilot 15m3 water tanker lorry market highlights

In an 18-ton water truck, the general volume can be about 12 to 15 tons, which can be said to be a large vehicle in a single axle. This 18-ton water truck includes Dongfeng Tianjin, Zhuandi, Huashen, JAC Geerfa, Sinotruk Howo, Liuqi Chenglong, Hubei Universiade F6, Foton Linghang, European Airlines, Auman, Aumark , Ollin and […]

6×6 Sinotruk Howo off-road water truck configuration

Among the special off-road vehicles, Dongfeng has many models. Recently, a 6×6 Sinotruk Howo off road water truck has appeared. There are still some differences compared with Dongfeng! This car uses Sinotruk Howo TX semi-high roof row and half cab, Sinotruk Smartpass D version; the cab is equipped with a flashlight integrated electric lift, 8198 […]

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