Foton pilot 15m3 water tanker lorry market highlights

In an 18-ton water truck, the general volume can be about 12 to 15 tons, which can be said to be a large vehicle in a single axle.

Foton pilot 15m3 water tanker lorry
Foton pilot 15m3 water tanker lorry

This 18-ton water truck includes Dongfeng Tianjin, Zhuandi, Huashen, JAC Geerfa, Sinotruk Howo, Liuqi Chenglong, Hubei Universiade F6, Foton Linghang, European Airlines, Auman, Aumark , Ollin and other brands;

Today I will introduce a Foton pilot 15m3 water tanker lorry.

This car uses Foton pilot. The new ES7 luxury cab, the interior is fully upgraded, and the driving feeling is more comfortable and luxurious.

The standard configuration includes airbag damping seats, original air conditioners, electric glass doors and windows, central control locks, remote control keys, driving apocalypse, T-BOX and other configurations.

It is equipped with a Yuchai YCS06245-60 Euro VI diesel engine with 245 horsepower, matched with a Fast 8-speed gearbox, 9 tons rear axle, 295 tubeless tires, aluminum alloy fuel tank, 3950 short wheelbases, turning With a small radius, it is a new 4×2 sanitation special chassis for mountainous areas and engineering vehicles.

Foton 15000liters construction water truck
Foton 15000liters construction water truck

The vehicle is 7.2 meters long, 2.55 meters wide, and 3.27 meters high. The total mass is 18 tons, the curb weight is 6.2 tons, and the rated load is 11.67 tons. The outer dimensions of the tank are 4 meters long, 2.4 meters wide and 1.65 high. Meters, the effective volume of the tank is 15 cubic meters.

The tank body is made of carbon steel, and the inside of the tank body is made of anti-wave plates every 1.5 meters to prevent vibration. The manhole cover made on the top of the tank body is convenient for feeding and later maintenance;

There are guardrails on both sides of the top of the tank, and a climbing ladder at the tail, which is convenient for the staff to go up and down. Carbon steel of side protection material Q235 is bolted connection;

The material of the rearguard is Q235B carbon steel, welded connection, the cross-section size is 150×50 (mm), and the ground clearance is 440mm. The rear working platform is a punching platform, which is non-slip and beautiful.

The special device is to install a large-flow water pump, which can be self-priming and self-draining. The aluminum alloy three-bay front bumper is installed in front of the car to wash the road surface. The angle can be manually adjusted, and it can spray about 28 meters;

Aluminum alloy water suction ball valve, water outlet ball valve, four-position three-way, fire interface, etc. are installed in the middle of the right side of the vehicle;

Foton 15k bulk water tanker
Foton 15k bulk water tanker

A large-diameter gravity valve is installed at the rear of the vehicle; warning lights are also installed to remind the driving safety;

The S-shaped sprinkler cannon is installed on the rear working platform, which can spray about 35 meters in the column shape and about 5 meters in the fog shape; the side spray and rear spray can be installed on both sides, and the spray can be about 5 meters.

This Foton pilot 15m3 water tanker lorry can be used for green irrigation, spraying, road maintenance, spray dust suppression, antiaircraft gun spraying, etc. It has a wide range of applications and high work efficiency.

For the 18-ton sprinkler, the price is still very cost-effective, much cheaper than Tianjin’s, and the configuration is also good, you can consider starting!

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