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Isuzu 600P Truck mounted 3 Ton Palfinger Crane Specification

Isuzu truck mounted 3 ton Palfinger crane configuration: Chassis configuration It adopts Isuzu 600P single-row cab, Isuzu 4KH1CN5HS (130 horsepower) engine, Isuzu MSB five-speed transmission, with air conditioning, steering assist, front axle 2-2.5 tons, rear axle 4.8 tons, with ABS, standard 700R16 tires, single-row The cab can be flipped. Cargo box configuration Cargo box size: […]

Maintenance of truck crane hydraulic system

Truck crane Hydraulic oil is like the blood of people’s blood vessels. Hydraulic oil is the blood of construction machinery. The amount of hydraulic oil is more or less. Clean or unclean is directly related to whether the entire mechanical action is reliable or not.  The truck crane oil tank is a container of hydraulic […]

SANY 12 ton Palfinger SPS30000 truck mounted crane hoisting parameters

 The 12 ton truck mounted crane is the most frequently used model in the market. It is a medium-sized truck-mounted crane. It can lift 12 tons when the boom is not extended, the full boom can reach 14.8 meters, and the lifting weight can reach 1.7 tons. It is matched with Sany brand cranes. When […]

Introduction to the use of multifunctional truck crane

As we all know, truck-mounted cranes are special equipment that integrates lifting and transportation functions. With the needs of the market, truck-mounted cranes are constantly changing and updating. Today we are talking about multifunctional truck-mounted cranes, which are not only equipped with truck-mounted cranes. The basic functions of the crane can play more roles, truly […]

Four operating modes of Chengli truck crane

 The sight of the lower operation is blocked, what do you have to do when you are operating at high altitude, up and down is troublesome, the middle position operation, if you look to the left, you can’t see the right, is there a more suitable operation method? The emergence of remote control has solved these […]

Market advantages of remote control truck mounted cranes

Guide: It is difficult to hire a driver with a crane, and the labor cost is high. What should I do? The remote control truck mounted crane can help you solve the manpower problem. It can be operated by one person. It saves time and worry, and is safe. One. Introduction of remote control truck […]

The lifting capacity of the truck depends on how to choose the chassis, crane and cargo box

 In addition to the tall appearance of a good truck mounted crane, the most important thing is the special function. The special function of the truck-mounted crane is mainly reflected in the lifting and transportation. The lifting capacity and load capacity directly affect the use of the whole vehicle. One. The chassis is very important 1. […]

Selection and price of hydraulic outriggers for truck cranes

Guide: The operation of the truck-mounted crane is stable and unstable. Look at the crane and the outriggers. I believe that friends from the truck-mounted crane have heard of such a situation. The crane overturned during the lifting process. How could this happen? It is actually an outrigger. Did not choose XCMG outrigger as an […]

Which is better for straight boom truck crane and folding boom truck crane?

Introduction: Truck mounted cranes are not only divided into large and small tonnage, but also can choose the form of boom. Truck-mounted cranes can choose straight boom and folding boom cranes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. One. Scope of application  1. Straight boom truck mounted crane has a long boom, and a luffing cylinder […]

Lifting parameters of Sany Palfinger 14 ton truck with crane

The lifting weight of SANY 12 ton truck mounted crane cannot meet the requirements of special environments. The price of SANY 16 ton truck mounted crane is too expensive, and the emergence of 14 ton truck mounted crane has undoubtedly solved the needs of users. In terms of lifting weight, The lifting weight of the […]

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