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Truck mounted crane news

XCMG 12 ton straight arm truck crane for sale

Speaking of truck cranes, I believe everyone is familiar with them. It belongs to engineering models and plays an important role in economic construction. The truck-mounted crane and the crane are somewhat similar in appearance. The difference is that the truck-mounted crane has a cargo box and can transport goods. In contrast, the truck-mounted crane […]

What are the highlights of Dongfeng 6 ton tow truck crane?

Wreckers are special vehicles, mostly used in rescue companies, car 4S shops, traffic police departments, etc., and play an important role in transportation; In the cold winter, the failure rate of transportation vehicles increases, which indirectly drives the development of wreckers. Different types of wreckers need to be used for different models; For example, general […]

How much is shacman 10 ton flatbed truck with crane?

Truck-mounted crane is the full name of truck-mounted crane and transporter, which is mainly used for engineering construction, power maintenance, greening and planting, hanging billboards, docks, ports, and warehouse cargo transfer; It is a special vehicle with a wide range of use. In the truck-mounted crane market, Dongfeng, Shaanxi Automobile, Sinotruk, and Jiefang are all […]

Euro VI WAW 5 ton and 8 ton boom truck crane Configuration evaluation

Truck-mounted cranes are engineering vehicles, and the scope of use of truck-mounted cranes of different tonnages is different. For example, small-tonnage truck-mounted cranes are mainly used for planting trees, billboard suspension, electric maintenance, etc.,and large-tonnage truck-mounted cranes are mainly used for port and terminal cargo. Transshipment, large-scale engineering construction machinery hoisting, factory warehouse machinery and […]

Dayun truck mounted 10-12 tons Sany Palfinger crane Configuration

Dayun truck mounted 10-12 tons Sany Palfinger crane Dayun Euro VI lifting bridge (8-10-12 ton crane) Announcement model DYZ5242JSQD6CB Wheelbase [one] 4300+1300 (cargo box 6600) Wheelbase [two] 4700+1300 (cargo box 7200) Dayun 2150 widebody new F6 row semi-cab Yuchai 240 horsepower, Fast gearbox 10 tons rear axle, 5 tons front axle, 5 tons follow-up axle […]

Comparison of the advantages of the three major truck cranes of Chinese brands

Guide: At present, China has gradually entered the era of machines replacing human labor. Take truck-mounted cranes as an example. From labor force to cranes to truck-mounted cranes, truck-mounted cranes not only have the lifting function of cranes, but also can be directly transported; A variety of functions are integrated into one, becoming the best […]

Lifting parameters of XCMG 10 ton truck mounted crane

The XCMG 10 ton crane model is KSQS250. It adopts a hexagonal four-section boom with a working radius of 12 meters and a lifting height of 14 meters. The boom can lift up to 1500 kg and operate 360 ​​degrees in full swing. Standard anti-over-rolling alarm device, standard front hydraulic outriggers, hydraulic rear outriggers, high-altitude […]

Sany Palfinger 5 ton truck mounted crane specification

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. provides the lifting parameters of Sany Palfinger 5 ton truck mounted crane, the 5 ton truck mounted crane has a four-section boom with a full extension of 11.9 meters, and the front hydraulic outrigger can reach 5.1. Meters, four section boom can lift 820kg. Compared with the same tonnage truck-mounted […]

Specification of Sany Palfinger 6 ton truck mounted crane

Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. provides the lifting parameters of the Sany 6 ton truck mounted crane. The 31 6.3 ton crane is divided into three-section or four-section boom. The four-section boom is 4.7 meters long without extension and full extension. 12.5 meters, it can lift 1060kg, and can operate multiple lifting actions at […]

The price of various brand trucks with SANY Palfinger 12 ton truck crane

Among all the tonnages of Sany Palfinger cranes, which tonnage is the most practical and cost-effective, it is definitely 12 tons. There are currently two models of SANY 12-ton truck-mounted crane: four-section boom and five-section boom. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the latest price picture information of the 12-ton SANY […]

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