Road sweeper Encyclopedia

As one of the sanitation equipment, the road sweeper is a new type of efficient cleaning equipment that integrates road cleaning, garbage recycling and transportation.

Truck overview

It can be widely used in road cleaning of arterial highways, municipal and airport pavements, urban residential areas, parks, etc. The road sweeper can not only sweep garbage, but also dust and purify the air medium on the road, which not only ensures the beauty of the road, maintains the sanitation of the environment, maintains the good working condition of the road, and reduces and prevents traffic accidents. Occurrence and further extend the service life of the road surface.

The use of road sweeper for road maintenance has become a trend.

The road sweeper is a special sanitation vehicle equipped with sweeping systems such as sweeping brushes. It is mainly used for cleaning operations in large and medium-sized urban sanitation departments. The road sweeper greatly liberated the work intensity of sanitation workers, improved work efficiency, and reduced secondary pollution such as dust.

Electric road sweeper
Electric road sweeper

Road sweeper classification

  • Classification of work methods

(1) Walk-behind road sweeper and walk-behind road sweeper 
(2) Self-propelled road sweeper
(3) Pure sweeping road sweeper
(4) Suction sweeper
(5) Pure suction road sweeper
(6) Dry road sweeper
(7) Wet sweeper
(8) Full suction road sweeper

  • Chassis classification

Dongfeng road sweeper truck, Isuzu road sweeper truck, Jmc road sweeper truck, Foton road sweeper truck, Faw road sweeper truck, JAC road sweeper truck, Sinotruk road sweeper truck, HOWO road sweeper truck, Shacman road sweeper truck, Iveco Road sweeper truck, Yuejin road sweeper truck, Kama road sweeper truck, etc.

2 ton road sweeper
2 ton road sweeper

Various types of road sweepers

1.Introduction of dry sweeper truck

The dry road sweeper is a new type of road sweeper. It does not use brushes or sprays water, and all airflow operations rely on the principle of aerodynamics.

Experts appraised the international leading technology and owns independent intellectual property rights. The Chengliwei brand road sweeper developed, developed and produced by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. all uses airflow, no brushes, no water spray, no dust, no two Second dust.

The widespread use of Chengli vacuum cleaner truck will greatly reduce the content of inhalable particulate matter in the air, and completely solve the problem of serious dust pollution. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving modern sanitation product. The environmental protection technical indicators of this product are higher than the international Industry Standard.

3 ton road sweeper
3 ton road sweeper
2.Features of multifunctional full suction road sweeper

The multi-functional full suction road sweeper is a new product developed with patented technology. It changes the traditional way of sweeping with a disc brush in the past. It uses airflow to complete the work, and uses airflow movement to collect dust and garbage. It is stored, so it is very efficient.

The product can effectively reduce dust pollution, improve air quality, reduce the content of inhalable particles in the air, and improve people’s living environment.

· Full suction dry road sweeper, all work is done with airflow, combined with blowing and suction, no secondary dust.

· No brush and no water, energy saving, dry suction type, once the car passes, the ground is clean.

· Good cleaning effect. From tens of micrometers of dust to ordinary pebbles, leaves and other debris can be effectively removed, the cleaning efficiency is more than 98%, it can be said that “sweeping ten times is worse than sucking once”.

· Simple structure, few wearing parts, convenient use and maintenance, and simple operation.
· Low maintenance cost.

5 ton road sweeper
5 ton road sweeper

The role of road sweepers on society

Why use a road sweeper?

One.The traditional answer: The road sweeper is used to sweep the floor, and the floor scrubber is used to clean and dry all kinds of ground.

Tow.Professional answer: The road sweeper can not only solve the difficulties but also make more profits for the users.

Three.The road sweeper can solve the following problems:

  1. Health problems of people living in a dusty environment;
  2. Environmental indicators required by national laws or local regulations;
  3. Premature and excessive damage to the road due to dust or garbage;
  4. The product in the production workshop is polluted by dust;
  5. Fixed or mobile machines in the production workshop are polluted by dust;

Four.Can bring greater profits (or save expenses):

  1. The sweeping and vacuuming system of the road sweeper is equivalent to 6-40 times the manual labor;
  2. Reduce the degree of environmental pollution caused by dust (save time and financial resources, reduce manual cleaning of product appearance, cleaning and maintenance of mechanical equipment, and periodic environmental sanitation work, etc.)
  3. Improve work efficiency and at the same time increase the operator’s enthusiasm for work;
  4. A good and clean environment not only enhances the image of the city, but is also more conducive to the construction of urban culture and the enthusiasm of citizens for work.

Five.Comparison of road sweeper machinery and labor

  1. Work efficiency, greatly shortening the time for the same work area;
  2. Cleaning cost, it is certain that the cleaning cost per unit area of ​​machinery is lower than labor;
  3. The cleaning effect, the machine can avoid the uneven use of cleaning agents and the uneven cleaning effect;
  4. Safety performance, keeping cleaners in a safe environment (too many vehicles on the road, their own safety awareness is not strong)
  5. Economic return. Taking a car as an example, how much money it spent on the day it stopped using is its true price. In addition to investment costs, there are operating costs and labor costs.
7 ton road sweeper
7 ton road sweeper

Road Sweeper maintenance

  1. In order to avoid operating errors, the sweeper control valve is mainly divided into main valve and auxiliary valve. So where is the main difference between these two valves, the power of the main valve comes from the chassis of the road sweeper, and the power of the auxiliary valve comes from the auxiliary engine of the special function part. Common auxiliary engines of road sweepers include Chaochai, Jiangling, and Cummins. The main valve manages the tilt of the casing behind the chassis and the hydraulic switch of the rear door of the car, and the auxiliary valve manages the four floor brushes (one side or all of them can be controlled individually) and the work of the suction cups.
  2. The auxiliary engine of the road sweeper has different power due to different engine brands, but the general speed is about 1500-1800 rpm
  3. According to work needs, you can generally choose whether to have the function of spraying water and dust. The conventional configuration usually comes with a rear spray. At the same time, pay attention to whether the water volume of the clean water tank is sufficient. Generally, the volume of the clean water tank is different, and the working time may be different.
  4. The pressure adjustment of the electromagnetic multi-way valve of the road sweeper is generally on the overflow valve, and the user can adjust the pressure appropriately to change the speed of the sweeping brush.
  5. In addition, the sweeper can choose whether the left floor brush and the right floor brush work at the same time according to the road conditions, such as sweeping the corners of the road, only use the corner brush to rotate to work
  6. The dustbin of the road sweeper may have fine dust deposits, and manual handling is required when cleaning the dustbin.
  7. The distance between the suction cup of the sweeper and the ground should be adjusted frequently according to the road section.
  8. The vacuum pipe of the road sweeper may often have dust and mud adhered to it, and it needs to be cleaned frequently to achieve better results.
  9. When the electrical parts in the control box need to be replaced for more stable use, it is best to replace one piece with one piece.
  10. Sanitation workers should regularly check whether each functional part is normal
  11. In order to prevent foreign matter in the hydraulic oil from affecting the normal operation of the solenoid control valve, sanitation workers should regularly check whether the hydraulic oil is normal.
  12. Always check whether the limit device of the clutch electric push rod of the auxiliary engine of the vehicle is normal.
  13. When the sweeper control button is switched, the time interval should be 5 seconds
  14. When a certain hydraulic part of the road sweeper is not working properly, check the oil circuit and then the circuit according to the steps.

(1) The possible reasons for the abnormal circuit part are: fuse is broken, the line connection is loose and falling off, the line is broken
(2) The possible reasons for the abnormality of the oil circuit are: oil pump failure, oil pipe rupture or oil leakage at the oil circuit connection, solenoid valve failure.

10 ton road sweeper
10 ton road sweeper

Road Sweeper operation steps

One: cleaning work

1 Turn on the power of the control box and point the control valve to the position of the auxiliary valve
2 Start the auxiliary machine
3 Point the auxiliary engine clutch control button to the closed position and the fan starts to work
4 Point the vacuum box control button to the lowered position
5 Point the left or right pan control button to the down position
6 Point the swipe left or swipe right control knob to the forward position (clockwise on the left and counterclockwise on the right)
7 Point the left spray, right spray, and rear spray control buttons to the on position
8 Point the water pump control knob to the on position
9 The vehicle drives at an appropriate speed and starts the cleaning action

Two: cleaning is over

1 The vehicle stops
2 Point the water pump control button, left spray control button, right spray control button, and rear spray control button to the off position
3 Point the broom control button to the middle position
4 Point the sweep control knob to the raised position, and then to the middle position
5 Point the vacuum box control button to raise, and then to the middle position
6 Point the sub-engine clutch control knob to the minute position, and then to the middle position
7 Point the control valve control key to the middle position
8 Turn off the auxiliary engine
9 Turn off the power of the control box

Three: Unload the garbage

1 Turn on the power of the control box and point the control button of the control valve to the position of the main valve
2 Start the main engine of the vehicle
3 Depress the vehicle clutch
4 Turn on the additional oil pump clutch switch of the vehicle (pull outward)
5 Release the vehicle clutch at an appropriate speed
6 Point the back door control button on the control box to the open position, and then point to the middle position after 5 seconds
7 Point the car control button to the up position, according to the car tilt angle, you can point the control button to the middle position at any time, and the car will stop tilting
8 Garbage cleaning
9 After cleaning the garbage, point the car control button to the lower position, and after the car is fully returned, point the control button to the middle position
10 Point the back door control key to the closed position, and then point to the middle position after 10 seconds
11 End of garbage cleaning
12 Depress the vehicle clutch
13 Turn off the additional oil pump clutch control button (push inward)
14 Release the vehicle clutch at an appropriate speed
15 Point the control valve of the control box to the middle position
16 Power off the control box

The development trend of road sweeper

The road sweeper industry has experienced 30 years of development. The products have developed from a single pure sweeping type to a variety of types. Product performance and product quality have improved rapidly. Especially after the 20th century, the performance of the road sweeper has been improved by upgrading key components. The reliability is greatly improved.

With the development and progress of society, we are no longer satisfied with vacuum cleaners in a pure sense, and will put forward more requirements from the aspects of multi-function, environmental protection, and economy. The market calls for vacuum cleaners that can meet various needs.

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