Introduction to the composition and function of sewage suction truck

Foton 10 ton sewage suction truck
Foton 10 ton sewage suction truck

The sewage suction truck is suitable for the suction of sludge and sewage in various urban pipe networks. It uses domestic high-quality chassis, high-performance engines, imported (domestic) vacuum pumps and European and American professional manufacturing technologies.

The perfect combination of the four makes it possible to absorb sewage The excellent quality of the vehicle, as a professional maintenance vehicle for draining and absorbing sewage, has the characteristics of large power, large displacement, high effective suction range, large volume, and high degree of automation.

Schematic diagram of structure decomposition of sewage suction truck
Schematic diagram of structure decomposition of sewage suction truck

Composition of sewage suction truck:

Mainly composed of original chassis, vacuum suction pump, power take-off, transmission shaft, water-gas separator, oil-gas separator, multi-way reversing valve, tank body, sewage valve, visual dirt window, vacuum pressure gauge, pipe network system , Hydraulic system, operating system, etc.

Tank body:

Adopting the national standard high-quality 4-6mm carbon steel, the tank head can be formed by die-casting at one time, the tank can be opened back, and the double tops can be self-unloaded. Repair and maintain the inside of the tank. Can choose to use stainless steel, steel lining plastic, tank metal paint.

12cbm sewage suction truck
12cbm sewage suction truck

Hydraulic system:

Composed of oil tank, oil pump, multi-way reversing valve, hydraulic cylinder, oil filter and pipeline, this system can realize the special function of the dirt in the dump tank. Operating system: The dirt in the dump tank can be completed by manipulating the handle of the multi-way reversing valve. (When operating the multi-way reversing valve, a power take-off should be attached to drive the oil pump to work).

Decontamination structure:

The sewage can be discharged directly through the sewage outlet at the end of the tank, or the rear door of the tank can be opened to discharge the sewage, and the sewage suction tank is directly lifted by two hydraulic oil cylinders. The angle between the bottom of the tank and the ground is not less than 45 degrees to realize the sewage It can be unloaded by its own weight.

Product advantages: It has the functions of high suction efficiency, self-priming, self-draining and self-unloading. Time for full fecal tank: ≤5 minutes, suction range: ≥6 meters. It has the characteristics of long service life, high vacuum degree (higher vacuum degree, farther suction range and greater pressure than fecal suction truck), fast working speed, simple operation and convenient transportation. Install imported anti-overflow devices to prevent feces and sewage from being filled up to the vacuum pump system.

10 mt vacuum sewage suction truck
10 mt vacuum sewage suction truck


The sewage suction truck is designed and manufactured for the urban complex pipe network and the surrounding operating environment. Its functions cover high-pressure flushing, pipe dredging, sewage suction and fecal suction, and transportation of sewage. It can not only suck sludge, stones, bricks and other solid materials. Operation, can also carry out the dredging and dredging of small rivers;

It also has fast and efficient dredging and rescue functions, which can be used for waste suction, dredging, cleaning, reverse drainage, transportation, loading and unloading in urban environmental sanitation, emergency relief, and petrochemical special industries.

Optional features:

  1. The sewage suction pipe can be lengthened according to user needs, and the length of the sewage suction pipe depends on the situation. The longer the sewage suction pipe, the lower the suction power;
  2. Optional sprinkler device or cargo compartment can be used for fecal suction, sprinkling and loan transportation;
  3. The liquid full alarm device is optional, which can automatically alarm when the suction is full to prevent damage to the vacuum suction pump after the sewage overflows; if there are special requirements for the sewage suction truck, it can be designed and modified according to user requirements.
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