What are the advantages of 4×2 JAC DAWOS 18m3 refueler truck?

In the refueler truck, the single-axle chassis can generally achieve about 16m3. Now the JAC DAWOS V9 chassis can achieve a maximum of 18m3. Let’s take a look at the specific situation!

4x2 JAC DAWOS 18m3 refueler truck
4×2 JAC DAWOS 18m3 refueler truck

This car uses the JAC DAWOS V9 row semi-cab. The appearance is not much different from that of the V7. It belongs to overseas research and development, and it is luxurious, comfortable, safe and technological.

Standard features include electric windows, central locking, multi-function steering wheel, electric heating rearview mirror, adjustable multi-function steering wheel, headlight adjustment, sunroof vent, multi-function instrument panel, voice reminder function;

High-end configurations such as a heater, original air conditioning, automatic adjustment arm, engine fuel preheating, automatic chassis failure detection function, exhaust auxiliary brake, airbag seat, etc., are safe and comfortable.

Power is equipped with Yunnei Dewei’s 220-horsepower National Six Engine, which is matched with a Fast 8-speed gearbox, which has higher transmission efficiency.

It uses a 4.5-meter wheelbase, a 4-ton front axle, AAM 9-ton rear axle, 250MM double-layer girder, 10.00R20 vacuum steel tires, aluminum alloy-plated 160L fuel tank, etc. The chassis has a strong bearing capacity, good stability, and a low failure rate.

The tank body of this car can be up to 18000L. The tank body is a square circular tank body with a thickness of 4mm. It is equipped with a 60-30 self-priming and self-draining pump. Standard tank, a subsea valve, 65 stainless steel pipelines, 65 stainless steel valve outlets.

6 wheel JAC DAWOS 18000liters fuel tanker truck
6 wheel JAC DAWOS 18000liters fuel tanker truck

An emergency shut-off valve button is installed at the end of the tank, a large-flow liquid supply device and a 15-meter automatic reel are reserved, and it is installed on the male stainless steel pump hung on the left side. With mesh walkway, hydraulic head, folding guardrail, two oil pipelines as long as the tank body;

Bring a toolbox, two fire extinguishers, European-style locks, lamp holders with license plates, static straps, the rest are standard equipment in the factory, painted silver pink, and finally affixed with reflective strips.

This JAC DeVos V9 car has many advantages in safety configuration, such as the American Yanfeng Visteon Energy dashboard, dual-stage shock-absorbing clutch, Ryan brake valve, Knorr-Bremse ABS, Fuyao Glass, American Johnson Seat , GKN Drive Shaft;

American AAM rear axle, German Mekron car mirrors, British Weir fuel filter, American Borg’s time-tested EGR control valve, Bosch electronic injection system, etc., with strong chassis reliability, good stability, and low failure rate. Complete vehicle environmental protection operations are complete.

This 4×2 JAC DAWOS 18m3 refueler truck is a non-hazardous chemical special vehicle that provides liquid sources during cementing in oil and gas fields. It is widely used in well-flushing fluids, fracturing fluids, lubricants, cleaning agents, additives, and water purifiers. , Water reducing agent, water, and other general cargo transportation.

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