Strategy for buying high quality fuel tank trucks

Fuel tank trucks
Fuel tank trucks

Fuel tank trucks are highly dangerous and have a high attendance rate, so the quality of the tank truck is particularly important when the owner buys the tank truck.

 However, there are many different tank trucks on the market, and there are so many brands that it is difficult for many car owners to choose. And as we all know, it’s harder to get approval for the operating indicators of a tanker truck. It’s hard to get an indicator.

If you buy a tanker truck of poor quality, it will affect your business, not to mention the running of the tanker truck. The security is not guaranteed. If safety accidents such as explosions and fires occur due to the quality of the tanker trucks, the losses will be immeasurable. 

Therefore, buying a high-quality, safe and easy-to-operate fuel tank truck is the common aspiration of consumers. So let’s take a look at what configuration a good tanker should have.

  1. Whether the quality of the tank truck is good or not, first of all look at its chassis.

Fuel tank truck chassis
Fuel tank truck chassis

The chassis is the running mechanism of a tanker truck. Once the running mechanism has a problem, it will affect the performance of the vehicle in the slightest, and the safety of the vehicle in the worst case.

 So, in the face of many chassis brands on the market, and there are many varieties of the same brand, which is dazzling, how should we choose? Everyone is going to polish their eyes here. We recommend that everyone choose the chassis of the original factory. Take the chassis of Dongfeng Company as an example.

Dongfeng Company has four lines: Dongfeng Tianjin, Dongfeng Dolica, Dongfeng Liuqi, and Dongfeng Tianlong. These are all produced by the authentic Dongfeng Company production line. Chassis. 

Each of their vehicles has undergone strict testing, and the accessories are all genuine factory accessories, and there are service stations in every prefecture-level city across the country. 

The main factory’s products are of stable quality, high safety, and good after-sales service. It is recommended that car owners choose the above-mentioned products if they want to buy Dongfeng tank trucks. 

Most of the other brands are produced by Dongfeng sub-factory, with poor quality and no after-sales guarantee. Although the price is cheap, the later repair costs are high, and the important thing is that the safety is not high. The same is true for the chassis of other brands.

It is recommended that the car owner carefully check whether the model you need is produced by the company’s original factory before buying a car.

2. Beware of engine fraud by chassis manufacturers.

truck engine
truck engine

 Special purpose cars are no better than small cars, and there are many irregularities in them. Our common irregularities, such as engine code modification, emission standard fraud, and small horsepower to high horsepower. 

The above practices are illegal and will cause a series of losses such as customers’ inability to obtain license plates and insufficient vehicle power. As a car owner, you must keep your eyes open.

When buying a tanker, you must make a clear agreement with the manufacturer. The actual engine power and emission standards must be checked one by one during the inspection. 

Here to teach you a more practical trick: go to the brand service station for testing. The service station is relatively proficient in engines, and you can tell if there is any fraud.

 3. The quality of the tank body of the oil tanker is very important.
oil tanker
oil tanker

 As a container for oil, the quality of the tank must not be sloppy. Once the tank body of the oil tanker leaks or ruptures, the loss will be huge. Some tanker truck manufacturers cut corners in order to reduce costs, and the final loss is borne by the owner.

Therefore, fuel tanker truck owners must be cautious when buying a car. The factors that affect the quality of the tank body of the tanker are: the quality of the tank material, the thickness of the tank material, the structure of the tank, the welding process, etc.,

as well as the inspection equipment after the tank is formed. Strictly speaking, the tank body of each oil tanker has to undergo strict flaw detection and inspection after it is made, and then it can be shipped only after it is qualified. This is an important criterion for car owners when choosing a manufacturer of fuel tank trucks. 

The quality of the materials, whether the production process is good, whether the testing equipment is complete, etc. can be understood through field inspections. When buying a car, you must choose a reliable manufacturer.

  4.the relevant safety accessories of the fuel tank truck are indispensable.
Fuel tank truck safety accessories
Fuel tank truck safety accessories

 Fuel tank trucks must be equipped with fire extinguishers, electrostatic belts, electrostatic disks, emergency shut-off valves, reflectors, reflective strips, reflective tapes and other safety devices according to the requirements of the Road Traffic Safety Law.

When buying a car, be sure to check whether these accessories are installed and can be used normally. So that these devices can be used to deal with emergency situations in time.

Fuel tank truck electrostatic disc
Fuel tank truck electrostatic disc

All in all, the safety of tank trucks is no small matter. We advise everyone not to blindly seek cheap and ignore product quality when buying a car.

After all, fuel tank trucks can only make money if they operate safely. As long as we know more about it when buying a car, we can buy a fuel tanker with good quality and high safety.

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