The smallest jet vac truck for sale

Sewage cleaning truck is an important part of sanitation models, with multiple functions such as dredging, cleaning, and sewage suction, and is mostly used for municipal sanitation, factory sewage treatment, etc.;

The smallest jet vac truck for sale
The smallest jet vac truck for sale

In terms of volume, there are many options for cleaning sewage suction trucks, ranging from 2 squares to more than 20 squares. Generally, large-scale cleaning suction trucks are mostly used for sewage treatment in enterprises;

Small and medium-sized cleaning and suction trucks are mostly used for municipal sanitation. There are some old communities in urban communities. These places are not equipped with complete facilities and the design is not scientific and reasonable. Some large-scale cleaning and suction trucks are difficult to enter;

Therefore, some small cleaning and suction trucks are needed for sewage treatment. In the recent 349 batches of automobile announcements, there is a new product, the smallest jet vac truck, which is the 2.21m3 cleaning and suction truck of Dongfeng Tuyiguo Six. Let me find out.

The vehicle is 5.6 meters long, 1.75 meters wide, and 1.98 meters high. It has a total mass of 4.495 kg, a rated load of 985 kg and a curb weight of 3380 kg;

Equipped with Quanchai 95 horsepower engine, Euro VI emission standard, matching five-speed gearbox, 2.8-meter wheelbase, 185 vacuum rear twin tires, 1.5 tons front axle and 3 tons rear axle;

It is equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, electric glass, cruise control, daytime running lights, air conditioning, central lock, etc.

The upper body adopts an integrated tank structure. The difference from the previous tank body is that the tank body of this car is elliptical, with a length of 2.8 meters, a long axis of 1.55 meters, and a short axis of 1 meter;

The appearance looks a bit similar to a fecal suction truck. The front half of the tank is a clean water tank with a total capacity of 1.03 cubic meters and an effective volume of 0.98 cubic meters;

The second half is a sewage tank with a total capacity of 1.29 cubic meters and an effective volume of 1.23 cubic meters. A high-pressure water pipe reel is installed at the tail of the tank;

A well-known brand sewage suction pump and a high-pressure cleaning pump are installed in one side of the protective fence, which have the advantages of large suction, long suction, and reliable quality. The rest are standard.

This smallest jet vac truck has a wide range of applications, such as rural toilets, old communities, underground garage sewers, etc. It has a small model and is more flexible in action. It is a trustworthy blue-brand cleaning and suction truck!

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