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The main performance and product characteristics of Dongfeng Capte K7 cleaning sewage suction truck

l Chassis: Dongfeng Dolica, 3800mm, total mass 11995KG; l Tank volume: clean water: 2.7 cubic meters, sewage: 7 cubic meters; Q235 high-quality board, clear water tank thickness: 4mm, sewage tank thickness 6mm. l High-pressure pump: large-flow high-pressure pump (Pinfu, Shuangyao, Tongjie or high-pressure pump imported from Italy) can dredge municipal pipe network within 800-1000mm; l […]

Dongfeng kinland 20m3 cleaning sewage suction truck

[Technical parameters of the vehicle] product name CLW5250GQWE6 cleaning sewage suction truck Total mass (kg) 25000 Tank volume (m3) 22 Rated mass (kg) 7670,7605 Dimensions (mm) 10100X2550X3850 Curb weight (kg) 17,200 Cargo compartment size (mm) XX The number of passengers in the cab (person) 2,3 Maximum load of saddle (kg) Approach angle/departure angle (°) 28/25 […]

Most beautiful 5 tons Cleaning sewage suction truck allows you to buy with confidence!

Today’s weather is slightly cool, the dark clouds in the sky are walking slowly, and a ringing ring breaks the tranquility of the morning. After receiving a call from a customer to prepare to come to Chengli Group to pick up the car, we help the customer to sort out the car information and then […]

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