Foton 12M3 sewage vacuum truck Performance evaluation

Today, let’s learn one of them – Foton 12m3 sewage vacuum truck

This car is 7.45 meters long, 2.45 meters wide, 3.35 meters high, with a total mass of 8.255 tons, and the Futian ROWOR ES5 series chassis is adopted.

Foton 12M3 sewage vacuum truck
Foton 12M3 sewage vacuum truck

Equipped with a 160 horsepower engine, a straight four-cylinder machine, cold in charge, the maximum output power is 118 kW, the peak torque can reach 480 Nm, meet the European and six emission criteria, match the manual transmission of the game, strong power;

The whole car appearance selection compares, combined headlights, styling, rearview mirror division structure, catering classic practical, ranging semi-tape, easy to do a short break, axis distance 4.2 meters;

Tires are selected from 9.00R20 steel wire, and the tail of the vehicle is mixed with the same spare tire. It is easy to replace. The fuel tank is used for aluminum alloy material, the appearance is beautiful, and the rest is standard.

The up-to-use can body is made of high-quality carbon steel, 4.8 meters long, 1.75 meters diameter, the internal anti-waiver, anti-corrosion treatment, the rear cover can be hydraulically open, the can body can be hydraulic, and the discharge is convenient;

Foton 10 ton sewage removal truck
Foton 10 ton sewage removal truck

There is a platform to place a suction tube on both sides of the tank. It is equipped with a well-known brand water circulatory pump, strong suction, long suction, and the effective volume of cans can reach 12 cubic meters. The whole car is simple and convenient, and the rest is standard.

Suction cars are mainly used for sewage and corporate sewage treatment. The sanitation model plays an important role. The price of suction trucks mainly look at the user’s configuration needs;

Generally, the most common in the market is most common, but Foton 12m3 sewage vacuum truck is also very nice to quality and after-sales.

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