“Four investigations” need to remember when buying vacuum sewage truck accessories

vacuum sewage truck accessories
vacuum sewage suction truck accessories

There are ways to buy sewage suction trucks, and everyone knows that there are also tips for purchasing its accessories. Now we share the “four checks” points to keep in mind when purchasing vacuum suction truck accessories.

One is to check the product mark of the vacuum suction truck spare parts. The factory name, address, telephone number and other signs of genuine products are clear, and the outer packaging is of good quality, the writing inside and outside the box is clear, and the overprint color is bright. Counterfeit and inferior products often have poor packaging quality, unclear writing inside and outside the box, overprinted colors are turbid, trademark patterns are blurred, and some of the fake and inferior products have discolored outer packaging.

The second is to check the certificate attached to the product of the vacuum suction truck spare parts. According to the national regulations on important parts of sewage suction trucks, such as assembly carburetor, engine, distributor, generator, gearbox, etc., product manuals and certificates must be attached when leaving the factory to guide the installation and commissioning during repairs And post-maintenance. Fake and shoddy products do not have these accompanying certificates, especially the refurbished parts removed from scrapped vehicles do not have any certificates.

The third is to check the product prices of vacuum sewage truck spare parts. Consumers can check on the Internet or contact other merchants to find out the price of the same type of sewage suction vehicle accessories. Through price comparison, they can roughly distinguish the authenticity of the sewage suction vehicle accessories. The price of fake and inferior products is much lower than that of genuine manufacturers, even the price The difference is dozens of times. If it is found that the price of the purchased accessories is significantly lower than the market price, or the merchant’s purchase channel is not normal, it is mostly fake and inferior products.

The fourth is to check the product details of the vacuum sewage suction truck spare parts:

First of all, look at the anti-counterfeiting mark of the product. There are mainly two types of anti-counterfeiting methods that are frequently used: one is anti-counterfeiting code. Some parts of the suction truck are provided with a silver coating on the outer packaging or certificate and manual. The coating will be scratched with a set of numbers. This set of numbers can be sent via SMS to the manufacturer to verify the authenticity. The second is fixed coloring. The coloring of some parts of the sewage suction truck is fixed and serves as a special mark for its products.

Second, look at the joints of the components. There are several types of joints between parts such as press fitting and welding. For any parts composed of two or more than two, the joints are not allowed to be loose or have gaps.

Again, it depends on the protection of parts. In order to prevent parts from being damaged during transportation and storage, genuine products will be coated with a protective layer on the surface of the product or packed with a protective oil seal or protective cover when it leaves the factory.

It also depends on the surface strength or hardness of the parts. Genuine parts have high design requirements, good material quality, and advanced processing technology. However, fake and inferior products cannot meet these conditions. Their surface quality is poor. You can use hard objects such as hacksaw blades to gently test the surface of the parts. Marked, indicating high hardness and good quality.

Finally, look at the production process of vacuum sewage truck parts. The fake and inferior parts have poor production technology and rough processing quality, and die castings often have cracks and sand holes. There are certain signs of wear on the surface of parts disassembled by scrapped vehicles.

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