Foton Times Small Card Star 2000L mini vacuum Sewage Suction Truck chep price Promotion

The main function of the vacuum sewage suction truck series is to suck and transport feces, silt, stones and other liquids mixed with large suspended debris for urban and rural sanitation departments.

2000L mini vacuum Sewage Suction Truck2000L mini vacuum Sewage Suction Truck
2000L mini vacuum Sewage Suction Truck

It is especially suitable for the suction, shipment and discharge of sludge in the sewer, especially for large objects such as stones and bricks in the sewer. There are two types of discharge: pressurized discharge and self-flow discharge.

The sewage suction truck has the characteristics of high suction efficiency, self-priming, self-draining and direct irrigation, and is quick and easy to operate. Suitable for large, medium and small town sanitation and municipal departments!

This Foton era 2 ton sewage suction truck is custom-made with a small Foton chassis, full diesel 68 horsepower, oil brakes, and 6.00-14 nylon tires. This model has a short body and a small tank volume (the tank volume is 1.5-2 cubic meters).

The vehicle is flexible in operation and can freely travel through relatively narrow alleys. It is suitable for operation in relatively old communities, old streets and other places with narrow roads.

In terms of the original vehicle functions, the vehicle functions can be diversified according to the specific requirements of customers.

The tank body is made of 5mm high-quality steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel, and the head is made of 5mm steel plate by one-time die-casting. The appearance of the tank body is ellipsoid.

The ball valves of this car adopt high-quality ball valves, which not only increase the aesthetics, but also improve the corrosion resistance and anti-freeze cracking ability. In order to improve the service life of this model and reduce the failure rate, the car is equipped with an anti-overflow tank alarm, which avoids the overflow tank that often occurs in other types of cars, and the vacuum pump damage caused by the overflow tank, the vacuum degree is reduced, and it cannot be pumped. Failures such as poor drainage or poor drainage.

The complete vacuum pump, oil-gas, water-gas separation and pipe network device can perform positive and negative pressure operations, with strong and self-draining functions.

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