Beijing Fire Department ordered fire water truck with fog cannon Configuration analysis

In daily life, multifunctional dust suppression vehicles are also very common models, but have you ever seen such a multifunctional dust suppression vehicle?

Dongfeng 5000L fire water truck
Dongfeng 5000L fire water truck

In the fire truck, it is also called the fire sprinkler. This time is the last 6 of the 26 multi-functional fire water trucks ordered in batches. All of them have been produced and passed the inspection. They will be sent to the beautiful capital Beijing soon!

This car uses the Dongfeng Dolica D6 single-row 1.73-meter-wide cab. The front face adopts Dongfeng’s traditional design, with silver double-V trim strips, which looks like a swallow flying high, which is very atmospheric. The wings on both sides extend to the daytime running lights, making the entire front face more three-dimensional.

Dongfeng 5000L fire water tanker
Dongfeng 5000L fire water tanker

The cab has a large and comfortable space, and the seat can be adjusted to help the driver find a comfortable driving posture. The standard configuration includes electric doors and windows, central control lock, remote control key, four-spoke multi-function steering wheel, direction assist, heating and cooling air conditioning, shut-off brake, ABS and other configurations, and the comfort is still very good.

In terms of power, it is equipped with Quanchai’s Q series 115-horsepower 2.3L Euro VI diesel engine, with a maximum torque of 320N.m, a rated speed of 3000rpm, and a maximum output of 85kW. It has strong power and is economical and fuel-efficient; the final match is internationally renowned. The brand Wanliyang 5-speed gearbox is the golden partner.

Dongfeng 5ton fire water tender
Dongfeng 5ton fire water tender

The chassis uses a 3.308-meter wheelbase, a 3.5-ton rear axle, a 4.875-speed ratio, a 7.00R16 steel tire, and a 188 girder. The load-bearing capacity is still very good.

The vehicle is 6.5 meters long, 2.02 meters wide, and 2.98 meters high. The total mass is 7.36 tons, the curb weight is 4.1 tons, and the rated load mass is 3.13 tons. It is a medium-sized fire water truck;

The tank system is square. The front of the tank is made of pump boxes, and aluminum alloy rolling doors are installed on both sides, which is beautiful and durable. The actual volume of the rear water tank is 5.2m3, which is large in volume and high in work efficiency.

Install the water tank mouth on the top of the tank, with quick lock and open device; suction pipe fixing device, and non-slip fence;

Dongfeng 5000liters Fire sprinkler truck

At the rear of the tank, a safe climbing ladder and a sight measuring tube are made, so that the water level can be checked at any time; at the rear of the vehicle, a working platform is made.

The special device is installed with a 20-type Shanghai Rongshen fire pump and a 20-type Chengdu West fire monitor. The range is about 45 meters, the flow rate is 20L/S, and the pressure is 0.7mpa so that it can reach the large flow rate of the fire truck. Requirements for long-range firefighting and extinguishing.

Not only is a 30-meter fog cannon unit installed on the rear working platform, the whole vehicle also has functions such as forward rushing, rear spraying, side spraying, and water spraying antiaircraft cannons. The operating system can be controlled pneumatically and manually, which is very convenient.

This fire water truck not only has the characteristics of large tank volume, large flow, and long-range, but also has the functions of green spraying, epidemic prevention and disinfection, haze removal, and dust reduction.

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