Our factory produces and sells bulk feed vehicles ranging from 3 tons to 40 tons.

Bulk feed transport truck is composed of chassis, loading feed tank, discharging auger system and electro-hydraulic operating system.
The tank body is formed by welding with high-quality steel plates, and the sub-bin can load and unload a variety of different feeds at the same time.

It is mainly used to transport bulk feed products or feed raw materials from feed mills to livestock farms, poultry farms and feed processing users. It can also be used to transport certain non-corrosive powdered raw materials, such as pharmaceutical plant powders and grain depot turnover .

The main classification of bulk feed transport vehicles (according to the unloading drive mode): 1. Electric auger type: suitable for feed loading and unloading transportation in three-phase power and electric supporting places;
2. Hydraulic twisting type: suitable for feed loading and unloading in places without electric power.

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