The material of fuel oil tanker semi trailer produced by Chengli Company is divided into carbon steel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel;
Tank head 6mm, barrel 6mm, wave board 5mm, sub-bin board 6mm; equipped with 12 tons Fuhua Bridge, air suspension, disc brake band ABS; tires: 12.00 vacuum tires with 12 ordinary steel rings; Strength steel auxiliary beam.

The whole set of European standard (including two European standard tank ports, a subsea valve, a set of oil and gas recovery, and oil loading); rear bumper, movable guardrail, a tool box, an European standard export box, and the side guardrail are made of aluminum alloy; One 600L galvanized water tank, two spare tire racks, 28 tons of outriggers, two 8kg fire extinguishers, and three signs. Imported blue paint on natural surface, 3M reflective tape.

Optional configuration of fuel oil tanker semi trailer:
1. Sub-warehouse: without European standard sub-warehouse, with European standard sub-warehouse
2. Axle: choose BPW bridge and Huajin bridge
3. Air suspension: optional aluminum alloy auxiliary beam
     a, Fuhua Air Suspension
     b, BPW air suspension
     c, Huajin air suspension
4. Tires: optional double money, Bridgestone, triangle
5. Steel ring: optional ordinary aluminum alloy steel ring, Zhengxing aluminum alloy steel ring
6. Outrigger: optional Jost, Fuhua
7. Water tank: aluminum alloy water tank, additional water tank on top of tank
8. Outlet: add single out and double out (subsea valve, pipeline, outgoing assembly, outlet box)
9. Optional pneumatic guardrail

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