JAC 8000 liter Kitchen garbage Truck

JAC 8000 liter Kitchen garbage Truck cab adopts high-strength steel “birdcage” frame structure, streamlined cab (2071 wide), car-like interior, five-ring instrument (tube-beam instrument panel skeleton), double-layer laminated glass Thermal sound insulation, boneless wiper (improve rain safety), eagle eye combination headlights, daytime running lights to improve driving safety, air pressure drum, moving, air conditioning, electric doors and windows, MP3 player, wide angle , Blind mirror, clutch assist, central control lock, steering wheel (entertainment button module), top debris box, dryer, exhaust-assisted brake, air brake, anti-splash device, 7.50R16 14PR steel tire

Gold drivetrain: 156 horsepower of Euro Six Jianghuai or 130 horsepower of Weichai, LC6T450 gearbox (6 gears), two-stage shock-absorbing clutch, American AAM rear axle, dual-axis variable nozzle supercharging technology, strong power, high strength spring Bearer.

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