Foton IX5 2m3 mini reefer box truck

Foton IX5 2m3 mini reefer box truck vehicle model: BJ5027XLC-E1, vehicle size: 4505×1725×1980 (mm), Foton SUV luxury body, Harbin Dongan 115 hp National V gasoline engine, 1.5 displacement, engine model For DAM15DL, a 5-speed gearbox,
Oil brake, front disc and rear drum, air conditioning in the cab, electronic power assist, electric doors and windows, central control lock, remote control key, 185 vacuum tires, car body volume 1.8m³ (1600×1200/980×1000), inner glass fiber reinforced plastic The high-density insulation board is adopted for the board and the cabin insulation board. The top non-independent unit is installed. The minimum temperature can reach -5 degrees.
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