Dongfeng 5cbm mini septic tank suction truck

Dongfeng 5cbm mini septic tank suction truck Chassis configuration: Dongfeng chassis, wheelbase 3300mm, Chaochai 95 horsepower engine, five-speed gearbox, 700-16 tires with spare tires, air brakes, and direction assistance.

Top configuration: tank volume 5000 liters, WISCO Q345 automatic welding, wall thickness 5mm, head 6mm, standard SK-6 water ring vacuum pump, optional 5 tons oil pump, large suction power, long suction range, self-priming and self-discharging.

Standard anti-overflow valve, fecal window, 1 spout at the rear of the tank, hand-washing device beside the tank, 360°rotating boom on the top of the tank, and 1 8 meter fecal suction tube.

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