Dongfeng 1.5 ton refrigerator freezer truck

Dongfeng 1.5 ton refrigerator freezer truck model: EQ5031XLC15QDAC, vehicle size: 5635 × 1765 × 2770 (mm), box size: 3500 × 1600 × 1750 (mm).Using Liuqi Wuling 1.5L / 110 horsepower, strong power, tires are 175R14 steel tires (rear two wheels), exhaust brake, ABS, power steering, 5-speed gearbox, central control lock, electric doors and windows, cruise control, Front disc brake, original air conditioner, Bluetooth connection. FRP inside and outside the box, 8cm high-density insulation board, anti-skid aluminum plate on the bottom plate, stainless steel door lock, -5 degree refrigeration unit.

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