8×4 Dongfeng 30000liters fuel tank truck

8×4 Dongfeng 30000liters fuel tank truck comes standard with Cummins 315 horsepower engine, wheelbase 2050 + 4400 + 1350, 295 vacuum tires, 9-speed gearbox, 5 tons front axle, 10 tons rear axle, front disc brakes, speed limiter, ABS ,air conditioning.

The tank body is made of 6mm thick high-quality large magnesium alloy plate 5083 in one roll forming, completely seamless forming. New design, safety guardrail, pattern walkway, folding guardrail. One tool box and one water tank. With a submarine valve, a European standard tank port, with a dedicated oil pump, two fire extinguishers, fire cap.

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