5m3 JAC mechanical sweeper truck

5m3 JAC mechanical sweeper truck is a truck that sweeps the road. The body size is 5920 × 1990 × 2350, 2310mm. The auxiliary engine drives the hydraulic oil pump and fan to work. The working principle is that the hydraulic oil pump drives the left and right scan discs to expand, contract, lift and rotate. The left and right sweeping trays sweep the garbage on both sides under the cleaning truck, in front of the suction nozzle.
The fan generates a high-speed airflow through the air duct composed of the dustbin, suction pipe and suction nozzle. Under the action of the airflow, the garbage is sucked into the suction nozzle and enters the dustbin. The chassis engine drives the cleaning vehicle to move forward, and the garbage swept in front of the suction nozzle continuously enters the suction nozzle, and is continuously sucked into the garbage bin to achieve road cleaning.
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